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3 Best Deionized Water Filter for Pressure Washers in 2022

Best Deionized Water Filter for Pressure Washer


I know you have tired of impurities in your pressure washer, which makes scales on your car, clothes, and garden beds. But how can you end this problem? You can buy a water filter for your pressure washer, but not all are effective. , But  Deionized water filter for pressure washers is compelling, practical, and easy to use and maintain.

Deionized water is the best type of water to use when cleaning your vehicle. It is also the best type of water to use for pressure washers. It is easy to understand that if you use a regular water filter for your pressure washer, you increase the impurities in your pressure washer.

The Deionized Water Filter for Pressure Washer is a device used in pressure washing. It removes all impurities from the water before it enters the pump. People use Pressure washers in various industries, including construction, home improvement, automotive, and outdoor.

It’s not only a hassle to clean up the mess after using a pressure washer. It’s also bad for your health. If you use the same water for cleaning, you could be putting your health at risk. Many water filters are available, but the DI Water Filter is the most effective.

I will tell you about the best Deionized Water Filter for Pressure washers in this post. Stay tuned!

List Of Five Best Deionized Water Filter for Pressure Washers

  • CR Spotless DI-120  Deionized water filter for pressure washer
  • WaterSentinel SF-20W Spotless Deionized water filter for pressure washer
  • Camco 40043 TastePure Deionized water filter for pressure washer

Reviews of the best five deionized water filters for pressure washers

Following are the best pressure wash deionized water filters for your cars, garden beds, automobiles, etc.

CR Spotless DI-120 Water Filter For Pressure Washer

The detailers, car washes, and window cleaners use a CR Spotless filter. With a CR Water System, you can let your car air dry and not leave any water spots behind. Besides cars, it is perfect for washing and SPOT-FREE rinsing your RV, boat, golf cart, motorcycle, and house windows!

CR Spotless Deionized water filter for pressure washer
  • Brand: CR Spotless
  • Model: ‎CR Spotless
  • Item Weight: ‎27 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 28 inches

It produces approximately 75 to 1000 gallons of deionized water. You can replace the cartridge after about 250 gallons of water have been produced.DI-120 system has a flow rate of approximately 4. 5 gallons per minute. This is an ideal flow rate for a pressure washer.

All CR spotless water systems for pressure washers include a battery-operated TDS meter that will measure the quality of the water coming out of the system. The DI-120 system produces water with a less than 200 ppm TDS level. This ppm level of water is safe for use, according to WHO.

The DI-120 comes complete with one 20-inch de-ionizing resin cartridge. This resin helps to remove pollutants. DI-120 system has an integrated stand that makes it easy to lift and carry anywhere with only one hand. 

The CR Spotless Water System DI-120 includes one 20-inch de-ionizing resin cartridge, a Stainless Steel input Line, filter wrench, Spray nozzle, and battery-operated water Purity Indicator (TDS meter).  It is the best spot-free car wash water filter with a complete and ideal one-year warranty.


  • Recycles the filters for subsequent use.
  • Compact and Portable.
  • Provides all the things in one pack.
  • It includes a TDS meter.


  • You can not use it with hard water.
  • The product is pricey.

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WaterSentinel SF-20W Inline DI Water Filter For Pressure Washer

Mineral-free water is a dream for vehicle enthusiasts and has many other uses, such as window washing and chrome finishes. It is specifically designed to fit standard 3/4″ garden hose thread.

WaterSentinel SF-20W Spotless Deionized water filter for pressure washer
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.01 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Aquamor, LLC

The SF-20W Water Sentinel Filters deliver a spot-free rinse. This water deionizer uses a specially formulated hi-capacity DI media that removes mineral ions. It provides ultra-pure demineralized water with very low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). It has a sediment filter that reduces calcium, dust, rust, sand, and silt. It would help if you considered this filter to enjoy a spot-free wash. It is the best de-ionising water filter for car washing, RV, and window cleaning.

It is straightforward to use and install. You plug & play; no tools are required to install. Set spray nozzle to mist (lowest setting) >0. 5GPM flow on “final rinse” to ensure maximum DI media contact. Rinse off any hard water, wipe away excess water, and dry in the sun.


  • Made in the USA
  • Reusable blue filter caps(end to end) preserve resin.
  • Reinforced 8″ brass crimped hose ext, lead-free, internal seal gasket.
  • Deionized media dissolves ions for mineral-free water, preventing lead-free preserve hard water scale.


  • It is pricey.
  • It only adjusts to 3/4″ garden hose thread.

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Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter For Pressure Washer

The Camco Water Filter is especially an inline water filter for your RV, trailer, boat, camping, or car. This In-line Design Streamlines Water Flow and prevents the build-up of sediment. This water filter comes with a 20-micron sediment filter and a granular activated carbon filter. The GAC and KDF filter in this system prevents the growth of bacteria, fungus and mold production in your pipe when the system is not in use. 

Camco 40043 TastePure Deionized water filter for pressure washe
  • Brand: Camco
  • Model: 40043
  • Item Weight: ‎1.15 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎2.5 x 2.5 x 10.5 inches

The TastePURE Water Filter is an alternative to a water filter or a water treatment system to reduce bad taste, odor, and chlorine in drinking water. It also removes aluminium, awful taste, cadmium, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, iron, lead, mercury, odor, and turbidity. It provides you with the best results for your vehicle wash.

You can also use it at campsites to keep sediment out of your RV water tank and improve the taste and smell of your drinking water for a whole season. The Camco Water Filter is made in the USA and is certified to NSF/ANSI 362 for low lead content. This water filter complies with all federal and state-level common lead laws.

It has quick and easy installation. You don’t need any assembly. Connect the TastePURE Water Filter to any standard water supply or garden hose connection.


  • NSF/ANSI 362 for low lead content.
  • GAC and KDF filter for when the system is not in use
  • Includes a 20-micron sediment filter.
  • Compatible with any standard water or garden hose connection.


  • Doesn’t work on hard water.
  • It will leak if you use it after a long time.

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Buyer’s Guide For Deionized Water Filter For Pressure Washer

Following are the points to consider before you purchase any Deionized Water Filter for Pressure Washer for your daily use.


Before buying a DI water filter, check its portability. You can purchase water filters that are lightweight and easy to carry. But if it’s heavy, you should go for a gravity-based filter. The size of the water filter is also important to consider. You should buy a water filter that is small enough to fit in your backpack or suitcase.

Pressure and Flow Rate

The pressure washer uses less water than the handheld washer. The pressure washer has a larger impeller, and the motor is designed to spin the impeller faster. The faster the impeller spins, the more efficient the washer is. A handheld pressure washer will use more water because the motor is not designed to turn the impeller as fast as the pressure washer.

You should always check the flow rate. How much water does it provide per minute? The flow of the wastewater flow. How should you be able to remove the sediment and spots from your car or the object you are washing. The ideal pressure washer flow rate is between 2.2 to 10 GPM.

Choosing the Filter

While selecting the water filter, check the PPM present in your water. You can use a TDS meter to check the PPM in your water. Based on water quality, buy your filter. If the water is not potable, you will need to buy a water filter. Filters are available in various PPM levels to suit your family’s needs.


Think about how long Deionized Filter does Last? Is it something that you’ll want to replace often? Is it something that will break when you look at it incorrectly? The durability of the products you buy can affect how long-lasting they will be.

This water needs will depend on how long it will take to get paid and how often you want to update your filter. Before replacing the filter, figure out how much you need to replace. The durability also depends on chlorine, Iron, and other debris present in your water. Moreover, DI filter resin lasts 5-10 years.

Cost Per Gallon

Water solutions have always been expensive, and they will continue to be if you choose the wrong company. You may want to look at the sticker price and calculate how much clean water will cost per gallon or wash. It doesn’t matter which kind of measurement you use, whether gallons or liters, as long as you measure all the water filter systems you’re looking for.

Customer Services

Check the following customer services before buying any pressure washer for your water filter.

If something breaks, will you be able to get a replacement? What do Amazon’s customer reviews say about the company you’re thinking about buying from? Do they have a team specifically dedicated to user experience?

A company that has a customer service department that’s easy to contact. It is another good indicator of a company with a strong customer service department.

Buyer also needs to know before buying a deionized water filter for a pressure washer

What is the Difference Between Deionized, Distilled, and RO Water Filters?

Following are the difference between Deionized, Distilled, and RO Water Filters.

Deionized Water FilterDistilled Water FilterRO Water Filter
DI filter removes ions, minerals, and metals. The distilled water filter removes bacteria from the water. Ro filter removes common metals and salts, including calcium, sodium, magnesium, etc. 
Positive hydrogen and harmful hydroxyl molecule are exchanged for positive and negative contaminant molecules in water. DI filters and other processes are sometimes referred to as “Water polishing. In distillation, the filter uses the boiling method for cleaning water. It uses a semipermeable membrane to filter out the small water molecules.


If you want your equipment to function at its best, consider a deionized water system. This removes all minerals, so your water is free of contaminants and easier to clean. A deionized water filter for your pressure washer will significantly extend the life of your machine and give it a cleaner, more effective operation.

Deionized water makes your pressure washer work better. It also prevents corrosion of washer parts. Once you have determined your GPM, you will need to decide on your flow rate. This will determine your power consumption. Next, you will want to determine how much filter area you need. This will determine how long it will take for the water to be clean.


Some other questions’ answers for our readers might be helpful for reading.

How to Use a Pressure Washer Without a Water Supply?

Use barrel water for your pressure washer. Before using a barrel water pressure washer, make sure that the barrel is full. If you don’t have a water barrel handy, you can use a plastic container. Fill the container with water and let it sit for about an hour.

How to Clean the Water Pump Filter on the Washer?

How to Clean the Water Pump Filter on the Washer?
Step 1) Use a can to flush out the pump lube/antifreeze,.antifreeze,
Step 2) Now attach the can to the inlet port in the hose.
Step 3) Let the whitish foam come out of your pressure hose and the pump filter is clean.

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