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The Best Whole House Alkaline Water Filtration System Reviews in 2023

Best Whole House Alkaline Water Filtration System Reviews


Around 20 million Americans have contaminated water in their well or tap, And they use filters for it. People use the most popular reverse osmosis technology that removes all the essential minerals and makes the water dead. The RO process leaches minerals and produces harmful effects. So, people look for treatments like the Best Whole House Alkaline Water Filter System that maintain the pH & minerals of water.

As you can see, there is little you can do about the quality of your drinking water. If you’re concerned about health, property, and financial costs, various choices may help. A whole-house water filter is a sure way to improve the quality of your drinking water. Increasing numbers of individuals purchase the best alkaline water filter in the UK, even in areas where the water is safe to drink.

Too many filters are available in today’s market with the latest designs and aesthetic looks, but obviously, the thing that matters is how efficient the product is. That’s why, in my blog, I will clear your doubts to make the perfect purchase for your home that will be efficient and budget-friendly. Reviewing this blog will show the efficiency of the top products I’ve selected after observing so many reviews. 

The Whole House Alkaline Water Filtration System provides your family with a safe supply of fresh, alkalized drinking water. It uses an advanced activated carbon filtration system to remove chlorine, lead, bacteria, cysts, and other contaminants from tap water.

So keep reading to learn more about making decisions. This article will explain the following:

  • Reviews Of The Best Whole House Alkaline Water Filter System
  • Buyers Guide For Buying The Best Alkaline Water Filtration System ForHome
  • Additionally, I added some informational guides on how the best alkaline water filter in the UK is used.

Best Whole House Alkaline Water Filtration System In 2023

I will suggest to you the best alkaline water reverse osmosis filter that will make it better and easy to choose the whole water supply:

  • APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Alkaline Whole House water filtration system
  • EXPRESS WATER UV Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System
  • iSpring RCC7AK RO, Alkaline Remineralization Under Sink Water Filter
APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Alkaline Whole House water filtration system
  • Brand: APEC WATER
  • Capacity: 75 Gallons
  • Model Name: ROES-PH75
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 16 x 5.25 x 17.5 inches
  • Included Components: ROES-PH75
  • Item Weight: 27 Pounds
  • Purification Method: Reverse Osmosis, Alkaline
iSpring RCC7AK RO, Alkaline Remineralization Under Sink Water Filter
  • Brand: ISpring
  • Color: White
  • Capacity: 75 Gallons
  • Model Name: RCC7AK
  • Material: Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Plastic, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Polystyrene, Stone
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 15.5 x 5.1 x 19.5 inches
  • Included Components: RO System, Brushed Nickel Faucet, Storage Tank, Extra Tool Set
  • Item Weight: 20 Pounds
  • Purification Method: Reverse Osmosis, Alkaline, Activated Carbon, Carbon block
EXPRESS WATER UV Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System
  • Capacity: 4 Gallons
  • Model Name: ROALKUV10M
  • Material: BPA Free
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 19 x 15 x 5 inches
  • Included Components: Ultraviolet Sterilizer UV Bulb 4 gallon Water Storage Tank Tank Valve & more
  • Item Weight: 0.22 Pounds
  • Purification Method: Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet

Best Whole House Alkaline Water Filter Systems Reviews

I am a professional who can suggest the best whole-house alkaline water machines out of thousands of alkaline water filter systems that will provide you with delicious and healthy water. I have compiled a list of whole-house well water filtration systems that will facilitate your entire life.

APEC ROES-PH75 Alkaline Whole House water filtration system

APEC ROES-PH75 is the most reliable, effective, and best alkaline water filtration system for removing copper, radium, lead, chromium, barium, cadmium, 99% of arsenic, 96.8% of lead, 98.8% of fluoride, and other heavy metals from your water.

Benefits Of APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Alkaline Whole House water filtration system
  • Removes up to 99.9% of TDS
  • WQA certified
  • US-made calcium and remineralization filter
  • It comes with a food-grade, lead-free faucet
  • Six premium stages of filtration

Most alkaline reverse osmosis water filtration systems do not have comprehensive filtration paired with fast water flow. APEC ROES-PH75 filter six filtration stages are as follows:

  • The 1st stage has a sediment removal filter that eliminates dust, particles, and rust. The primary purpose of this alkaline water filter replacement is to protect the membrane and extend the filter’s life.
  • The 2nd stage & 3rd stage has a carbon block filter responsible for removing unpleasant odors, chlorine, colors, and VOCs.
  • The 4th stage has a High Rejection TFC reverse osmosis membrane, removing contaminants such as arsenic, barium, bacteria, lead, fluoride, and chlorine.
  • The 5th stage has a coconut shell refining carbon 10″ filter, eliminating residuals from the tank.
  • The 6th stage has a calcite acidic water neutralizer that adds calcium to the water to maintain the pH.

Installation is straightforward, and the whole house filtration system provides a manual book for a step-by-step guide to install the system under a kitchen sink. You connect the alkaline water filter machine to your wall with a metal bracket, preventing tipping, which can interrupt the procedure. This whole house well water filtration system’s slim design makes the system adaptable to fit anywhere in the kitchen.

The APEC whole house alkaline water filter consists of super-efficient carbon block long-lasting filters which remove chlorine and other chemicals from the drinking water. These carbon blocks have a great surface area to remove any impurities to ensure healthy water.

APEC ROES-PH75 is an under-kitchen sink filter with a high-quality, efficient, and best alkaline reverse osmosis water filter. It has a USA-based mineral cartridge made with calcium carbonate to balance the pH and alkaline the taste of drinking water to ensure it is healthy. This alkaline whole-house water filtration system guarantees high mineral content with freshwater taste. 

This alkaline water system for the whole house produces up to 70 to 90 gallons of water per day, and it comes with a comprehensive manual guide for installation. Other than the guide, it also comes with a lead faucet. The alkaline water filter system also has a one-year warranty and uses WQA-approved construction material. 


  • this whole house water filter replacement has prolonged life.
  • High-quality faucet
  • High production capacity, which is 75 gallons per day
  • High water pressure up to 68 psi


  • The wastewater ratio is high
  • Leakage issue

EXPRESS WATER UV Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Express reverse osmosis water filtration system comes equipped with 11 stages of comprehensive filtration for your tap water. It reduces up to 99.99 percent of contaminants in your water, including chlorine, lead, nitrates, fluoride, and arsenic. Besides this, the system comes with a UV light filter to sterilize bacteria and harmful organisms. 

Benefits Of EXPRESS WATER UV Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System
  • NSF standard 58 certified
  • Removes up to 99.99 percent of contaminants
  • Has a UV-C ultraviolet light for sterilization
  • Easy installation anywhere

The 11 stages of Express Reverse Osmosis water filtration include the following filters:

  • 1st stage consists of a sediment filter that eliminates silt, dust, and rust.
  • 2nd & 3rd stage consists of a carbon block and granular carbon filter responsible for eliminating chlorine odor and taste.
  • 4th stage is an RO membrane that removes difficult contaminants such as arsenic, bacteria, lead, barium, and other heavy metals. The pre-filters are for the extension of the life of the RO membrane.
  • The 5th to 9th stages are alkaline water reverse osmosis. These stages use Active Mineral Technology to make your water alkaline and antioxidants.
  • The 10th stage is the UV sterilization stage which restricts the ability of microorganisms to reproduce in your water and contaminate it.
  •  11th stage has a post-activated carbon filter responsible for removing any possible taste or odor from your water and making it fresh and crisp,

The express alkaline water filter system is one of the best options due to its ultra-filtration, producing high-quality drinking water. This good-looking alkaline water system for the whole house nickel faucet gives an aesthetic look to the kitchen. The excellent optional features include remineralizing cartridges, which maintain the water’s pH.

The express alkaline water system for the whole house is one of the most straightforward to install, thanks to a manual book for a step-by-step guide. The pre and post-filters have a long life and only require changing every two times a year. The system is also color-coded, so it is easy to know where each water filter replacement goes. 

The whole house reverses osmosis water filtration systems and can produce up to 100 gallons per day with a 0.8GPM and an incredible flow rate. It also has a leak-valve shut, which automatically turns off when there is excessive water. Lastly, the UV light comes equipped with an alarm that indicates when the UV light has stopped working efficiently.

The Express alkaline water machines don’t contain plastic material, so they are the best filter available in the market.


  • Fast flow faucet
  • 4-gallon storage tank
  • Low wastewater ratio
  • UV alarm indicator
  • BP-free material
  • alkaline water filter replacement is needed after a long span.


  • May require a booster pump to work

iSpring RCC7AK RO, Alkaline Remineralization Under Sink Water Filter

The exclusive iSpring RCC7AK water filtration system is made to restore the natural alkalinity, balance mineral, and remove up to 99 percent of over 1,000 harmful contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, asbestos, calcium, sodium, and more from your water supply.

Benefits Of iSpring RCC7AK RO, Alkaline Remineralization Under Sink Water Filter
  • NSF certified to remove harmful contaminants
  • 5-stage filtration that removes lead, arsenic, chloride, fluoride, and many more
  • You can install it quickly at the point of use.
  • 5-micron GAC improves the water's quality. 

A 5-stage RO system produces mild acidic water with a pH of 7.0 or lower. With the addition of an Alkaline Remineralization filter, the iSpring RCC7AK Reverse Osmosis water filter recovers vital minerals. It generates balanced alkalinity, giving your water a more natural flavor than a conventional 5-stage RO water filter.

The first stage housing is transparent, allowing for a simple visual examination. Three extra-long-life pre-filters to remove major pollutants and safeguard the RO membrane are used in conjunction with this system. Ultrafine (RO) filter to eliminate impurities as small as 0. 0001 microns; fine GAC filter to offer final polishing to the filtered water; and (AK) filter to restore the proper amount of healthy minerals a natural alkaline balance at the end of the process.

When both 5-micron GAC and CTO filters are used, the benefit is that loose carbon (GAC, KDF) is superior at catching major pollutants, allowing only tiny contaminants to be trapped by the CTO carbon block filter. It enables the CTO filter and RO membrane to operate at their peak efficiency and for longer without failure.

Installation is simple, and there are no leaks since the water purifier is intended for do-it-yourself installation. All of the components required for installation are supplied and supported with an easy-to-follow installation manual, instructional videos, and access to unlimited technical support for the product’s life. Simple push-to-connect fittings and color-matched tubing make the installation procedure easier and help to prevent leaks from occurring.

As the name indicates iSpring RCC7AK alkaline under-sink water filter system is small enough to fit under a standard kitchen sink. To ensure a leak-free installation, insert tubing 12 inches deep into quick-fitting connections and tighten; there is no need to thread pipes.

This water filter includes a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty upon registration and lifetime personalized support from GA, USA, and premium-quality components. It is designed to provide endless bottled-quality drinking water right in your home for many years to come, thereby reducing plastic waste.


  • Excels at eliminating chemicals and chlorine.
  • A cheap alternative to a high-end model’s
  • Gives a real taste of purity.
  • Ease of installation.


  • The filter is not suitable for well water
  • May need to use a water softener 

Buyer’s Guide: To Consider The Factors While Buying The Best Alkaline Whole House Water Filter System

It would be best to consider a few things while investing in the best whole-house water filtration and softener system. The first thing you must keep in mind is the quality of your tap or healthy water—and the cost of buying a filter in the long run. It would be best to ensure a proper filtration system is installed with your water ionizer. Depending on your preference, it can be a reverse osmosis water filter or a whole-house water filter. The whole house water filtration system cost is now accessible to everyone.
After doing your research, picking the filtration system best suited for you will be easy.


After you have selected your desired alkaline water filter, You can face two situations when it comes to installation.
Suppose you have bought an alkaline water filtering system with an under-sink filtration system with Remineralization like Frizzlife. In that case, you have to install the whole filtration system with the help of a plumber. That would be an increase in the installation cost.
If you opted for a high-end ionizer, those filter systems are easy to install, and you can do them yourself after reading the installation manual. Still, I suggest you install an alkaline water filter with your ionizer.

Removal of contaminants

The removal of contaminants depends upon the type of whole-house water softener and filtration system you have chosen. Choosing a whole-house reverse osmosis water filter is better because it is an all-rounder water filter and will remove all the contaminants from your water, including chlorine, lead, and other heavy metals.
Even most ionizers filter out the primary contaminants and adjust pH according to your tastes, so you get a two-in-one system with the most alkalizing filtration solutions.

Multi-stage Filtration

Most alkaline water filter pitchers, ionizers, and other whole-house water filters, including under-sink filtration systems and water filtration reverse osmosis technologies, use multi-stage filtration. These best whole-house water filtration and softener systems have sediment filters, RO membranes as a pre-filter, remineralization filter, and water ionizers post-filtration.

In the case of ionizers, water passes through ionization and calcium carbonate beds to ensure that water has been up to the optimum ph and essential minerals.

You should consider the product with ultra-filtration, in which water runs through the filtering units and remove more than 99% of contaminants. 

Balancing pH

To determine the whole house water filter ph, you should monitor your water. First, it’s acidic or alkaline. Many methods to test water pH without a kit and using kits are available. The pH meter, strips, pH indicators, and litmus papers are very convenient sources for detecting the water’s pH.

In all probability, your principal justification behind putting resources into an alkaline water filter is to profit from water with high alkalinity. For this reason, you need to comprehend the pH range. Water has a pH of around 6.5 to 8.5. With seven being unbiased, most drinking water sources are excessively acidic for our loving. 

Some water ionizers have a versatile pH range that allows you to browse exceptionally acidic to extremely basic. You may not need this degree of adaptability if you’re hoping to build the pH of your water. Yet, you might think it is helpful to create both acidic and alkalized water (for example, water with a low pH is ideal for cleaning). 

Many alkaline water filtration arrangements on this rundown don’t allow you to choose a particular pH to create water at, so ensure you pick probably the best framework for your needs.

Alkaline Water Filter and Remineralization

You must ensure that the whole house water filter you choose must have an alkaline water filter that will remineralize your water for the best quality.
Remineralization refers to adding essential minerals into the water and making it alkaline. After extensive filtration, the water, such as reverse osmosis or distilled water, becomes acidic and unsuitable for drinking. The types of whole-house water filters, such as countertop and under-sink water filtration systems, use remineralization technology to make reverse osmosis water alkaline and expel the acidity in water to make it healthier to drink.

Flow rate

Most filtrations frameworks, including alkaline filters, will decrease your water flow by a minimum. It bodes well because the water goes through a few fine-grain channels that eliminate each impurity it can discover. Flow rates will fluctuate from one framework to another, mainly depending on how quickly the ionizing system takes inside the electrolysis. The more plates will have more significant surface space, the faster they will filter water.

Filter’s lifespan

The whole house water filter replacement life span depends upon the quality of your tap water. If your tap water is dirty and full of sediments and dirt, it is more likely that your filters will run out soon.
On average, the filter lifespan is about 2-3 months, but if you have less troubled water, your filters can last up to six months.

The best whole-house water filtration system has a long-lasting life span and a greater capacity for water production. The filter should have a lifespan minimum of 6-8 months.


Ensure you don’t accept an alkaline water filter until you’ve investigated its guarantee. If you get a defective item, you need to realize that you have the maker’s guarantee and can return it for a discount or substitution. Mistakes in assembling are usual, and you would prefer not to be left in obscurity if a thing shows up in a not-precisely great state. 

The standard guarantee for an alkaline filter is five years, yet some go higher than this, and some even have restricted lifetime guarantees. Higher security is particularly significant with items you’ve spent massive cash on, forthright, and those that expect power to work. Ensure you’re acquainted with a guarantee’s terms, which differ from one item to another, before you feel free to make a buy.


The cleaning and maintenance of your water alkaline water filter depending on your type of water filter. If you have an under-the-sink water filter, you have more work on your hands because you flush the filters with cold water to remove unwanted particles.
An electric ionizer has backflush carbon or sediment filters to clean them. Cleaning the ionizer and alkalizer is relatively easy and doesn’t need much effort.
Most ionizers have self-cleaning models, so they don’t need much maintenance. Some models have scheduled built-in timers that detect filters’ cleaning time.


Filters are available for all budgets. The whole house water filtration system cost is reasonable and convenient. For example, an excellent alkalizing water bottle may be found for less than $50, and filter pitchers are usually in the same price range. While you will need to change the filters regularly, this is a cost that most people would consider reasonable. It all depends on what you’re searching for; even if you don’t have a large budget, there are many possibilities.

Information For Buyers: What is the best Alkaline Whole House Water Filtration System?

The best whole-house alkaline water filtration system changes your water’s chemical constituency incoming from the mainline. Alkaline water machines increase the pH of your water above neutral and make it healthy for drinking: it contains essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. 

Using alkaline water machines is one of the wisest decisions regarding your family’s health. The high pH of your water helps neutralize the body acid and prevents early deterioration of the organs. 

With the added health benefit of alkaline water, installing a whole-house water filtration system is an intelligent choice as it removes the worry and hassle of filtering out water for different uses. 

 Working Of Alkaline Whole House Filter System

The best whole-house water filtration systems use multiple filters to provide you and your family with cleaner and safer water. These filters usually include a pre-filter, a carbon filter, and a post-filter. 

An alkaline water system for the whole house uses an alkaline water filter, usually as a post-filter, to increase the pH of filtered water and make it alkaline. The alkalinity process takes place through electrolysis. The electrolysis process separates the water into two parts: alkaline and acidic. The alkaline water is then carried forward with added minerals and nutrients into every water source of your house. 

Most alkaline water filters require an electric connection as ionizers need electricity for electrolysis or water separation.

What are the benefits of alkaline water?

Alkaline water reverse osmosis filters are hyped up because health freaks are crazy about alkaline water and are not wrong. The benefits of alkaline water compared to normal filtered tap water are plenty.

Some of the benefits are:
Adequate hydration: Alkaline water has smaller molecules compared to regular drinking water. Smaller molecules mean water absorption occurs faster, making alkaline water more hydrating and effective than tap water.
Rich in minerals: Most alkaline water machines add extra nutrients, making the water higher in pH and rich in minerals. These nutrients, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, effectively provide energy and mineral uplift.
Good digestion: Since alkaline water increases the pH level of our guts, it helps with fighting free radicals and improving our digestion drastically,
Immunity booster: Alkaline water has a negative ORP, which means it fights the toxins produced in our body by inadequate lifestyle and eating habits.
Anti-aging miracle: Antioxidants are a miracle worker in slowing down the effect of age on our bodies and organs. Alkaline water acts as an antioxidant since it has a negative ORP and helps fight the free radicals roaming in our bodies.

Types of Alkaline Filters

There are various types of alkaline filters used by whole house alkaline water filtration systems, and each of the filters comes into use for different purposes. You can scroll through the types below to determine which alkaline water filter fits your requirement!


Water ionizers are small, rectangular units that attach to your kitchen faucet or fit under your sink. The primary purpose of a water ionizer is to separate your filtered water into two streams: acidic and alkaline. The alkaline stream of water is the one to use for the health benefits mentioned above.

Most sink water filtration systems, or whole house alkaline water filtration systems, employ water ionizers to provide you and your family with crips, alkaline water.

Ionizers use electrolysis to separate your water and influence the ORP value. This whole house water softener and filtration system gives you the adaptability to pH control and manage the varying degrees of alkalinity. Some water ionizers also offer different alternatives to producing acidic or alkaline water for various purposes.

Countertop Water Filters

Countertop alkaline water filters provide easy access to alkaline water, making it popular and the best alkaline water filtration system. Countertop filters also use reverse osmosis filtration coupled with an alkaline water system. 

Countertop alkaline water filters filter out harmful contaminants, such as lead, chlorine, and sediments, and add trace amounts of nourishing nutrients, including potassium, magnesium, and calcium. 

These best whole house water filtration and softener system are thin and compact, which means you can fit them anywhere and unhinge them whenever you don’t need them. Lastly, countertop alkaline filters are not efficient in reducing the water molecule size but only in increasing the alkalinity of the water.

Undersink Filters

Undersink filters, as the name indicates, are mainly installed underneath your kitchen sink. Undersink alkaline water filtration systems efficiently remove heavy metals, chlorine, and lead from your water while increasing alkalinity and oxygenation. 

Most under-sink whole house water softener and filtration system has easy installation and a neat design. When compared to countertop filters, they have increased filter life and fine filtration. These filters also use reverse osmosis water filtration paired with a post-filtration alkaline water system.

Bottled Water

Filter water bottles are an excellent invention for consuming alkaline water anywhere at any time. These filter water bottles use an alkaline water system that adds mineral contents to your filtered water.

The main difference between bottled water and regular tap water is that filtered water bottles contain a higher mineral content. High mineral content gives water a fresh and enhanced taste. 

Water Filter Pitchers

Alkaline water pitchers resemble your ordinary jug at home, except that it has a lid-attached water filter. Water filter pitchers effectively remove chlorine, foul odor, and smell from your water.

Alkaline water pitchers divide into two parts: the top part has the alkaline water filter, and the bottom part collects the filtered water. When you pour water into the pitcher, the whole house reverse osmosis water filtration system decreases the size of the water molecules, increasing their pH. The filtered water collects at the bottom, which you can utilize efficiently.

Reverse osmosis with Remineralization.

Reverse osmosis remineralization filters are the best option for health-obsessed people with reverse osmosis filtration systems at home. The water filtration reverse osmosis system uses a pre-filter to remove contaminants from your water and essential minerals. 

For adding essential nutrients to your filtered water, alkaline water reverse osmosis filters are your best bet. The best whole house water filtration system has reverse osmosis with an RO remineralization filter.

Additionally, remineralization filters only add essential nutrients into your water, but they do not reduce the molecule size of quick absorption. 


By the day’s end, an APEC-ROES-PH75 is not only one of the best countertop RO systems but also the best alkaline water filter machine that has stunning advantages for yourself and your family. The customization is unending, with numerous soluble models, and the medical benefits are something we can not neglect. We comprehend that tracking down alkaline whole house water filtration systems can be an overwhelming assignment, and there is so much data out there that it would all be very confusing and mind-boggling.

We genuinely thank you for tuning into our article and are confident that we assisted you in comprehending the advantages and benefits you can acquire from the best whole-house water filtration and softener system.


Some others questions and answers for our readers might be helpful for reading.

Why do you need an alkaline water filter?

An alkaline filter is important because the reverse osmosis filtration systems strip the water of essential minerals, so an alkaline water filter must add minerals back to the water, such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium.
Drinking alkaline water is also beneficial for health, such as it improves immunity and stops the process of aging.

Is alkaline water better than filtered water?

The viscosity of those who drank high-pH water was lowered by 6.3 percent, compared to 3.36 percent for those who drank ordinary filtered drinking water. It suggests that alkaline water helps blood flow more effectively. It has the potential to improve oxygen distribution throughout the body. Beyond these short investigations, however, further study is required.

Can you drink alkaline water every day?

Yes, you can! The only reason alkaline whole house water filtration systems are on the market is that you can utilize alkaline water daily! Alkaline water has plenty of health benefits, but it is also important to note that drinking a very high pH level can cause alkalosis.

Do Kangen alkaline water machines work?

The Kangen alkaline machine is a water ionizer that works the same as an ionizer. Water runs through the charged plates and gets separated by an ion-permeable membrane. The electrostatic charge in the Kangen machine separates the calcium and magnesium from acidic carbonate and is left behind in the water to form an alkaline and antioxidant water. 

How much does the whole house water filtration system cost?

 The whole house water filtration system costs $300 to $10,000. It covers the entire machine, as well as the parts and installation. Because of the various capabilities of each system, there is a significant disparity in price. Popular whole-house filters, for example, are capable of removing sediments as well as chlorine. The alkaline water system price is almost now affordable to everyone

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