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Best Whole House Water Filter Cartridge For Well Water In 2022

Best Whole House Water Filter Cartridge For Well Water


What characteristics determine the best whole-house water filter cartridge? Because there are so many different filter cartridges to choose from, you may have difficulty deciding, especially if this is your first time purchasing this item. That’s why we’ve put together some reviews of the best options on the market.

In the United States, over 20 million families rely on contaminated drinking water, and you could be one of them. Water is an essential aspect of human life. It plays a crucial role in our lives, from cleaning to bathing to cooking to drinking. Although the filter cartridges have a dusty appearance, did you realize that these cartridges have the potential to improve your life by promising to preserve your health at all terms?

We highlight the top options with excellent attributes manufactured by reputable firms known for heavy-duty and high-performance well water treatment systems. Using this guide and considering the best whole-house water filter consumer reports, you can ensure that you purchase the correct water filter cartridge for your preferences and feature.

Let’s get started with:

  • Best Whole House Well Water Filtration System Reviews With Cartridges
  • Buyer’s Guide To Select Best Water Filter Replacement Cartridge For Well Water

List Of Best Whole House Well Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

We selected some of the top-rated ultraviolet water purification systems on the internet. All of them are guaranteed to improve the flavor and texture of your water. Check out the best whole house water filter cartridge for well water below, along with our comprehensive guidelines.

  • PUREPLUS 10″ x 4.5″ Whole House Pleated Sediment Filter for Well Water
  • GE FXHSC Under Sink Water Filter
  • 10″ x 4.5″ Whole House Pleated Sediment Water Filter Replacement Cartridge
  •  Everpure H-300 Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

PUREPLUS 10" x 4.5" Whole House Pleated Sediment Filter for Well Water

  • Brand: PUREPLUS
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Item Weight: 1.21 Pounds
  • Duration: 6 months
  • External Testing Certification: RoHS, IAPMO
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GE FXHSC Under Sink Water Filter

GE FXHSC Under Sink Water Filter

  • Brand: GE
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 4 x 4 x 10 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.74 Pounds
  • Duration: 3 months
  • External Testing Certification: NSF
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10" x 4.5" Whole House Pleated Sediment Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

  • Brand: ICEPURE
  • Item Weight: 0.53 Kilograms
  • Duration: 6 months
  • External Testing Certification: NSF, ANSI, IAPMO, RoHS
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 Everpure H-300 Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

 Everpure H-300 Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 17 x 3.25 x 3.25 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.5 Pounds
  • Duration: 1
  • External Testing Certification: NSF
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Best Whole House Well Water Filtration System Reviews With Cartridges

Sediment filters, carbon filters, and combined sediment and carbon filters make up most of my top recommendations for the best 10-inch whole house water filter cartridge. Chlorine, herbicides, VOCs, and pesticides are all substances that can alter the taste and odor of water, and these filter cartridges can drastically minimize them.

Our top 4 selections for the best whole house replacement water filter for well water, along with features, benefits, and basis on these I think they’re a good investment, are as follows:

PUREPLUS 10″ x 4.5″ Whole House Pleated Sediment Filter for Well Water

The service of the PUREPLUS is good at well water treatment systems. It comprises three PP layers and a coconut-shell activated carbon layer. The filter can successfully filter out a wide range of contaminants, particles, bacteria, pollutants, and other impurities.

Features with benefits

Features with benefits
  • Multi-Layer density technology removes impurities from the water.
  • Filters measuring 10" x 4.5" are standard for most systems.
  • Sediment and carbon filters, when used together, may remove enough contaminants from your water to make it taste and smell fantastic.
  • Coconut fiber/husk filters can handle high-turbidity stormwaters without becoming clogged too rapidly.
  • The highest capacity of 30,000 gallons fits for small to medium family members.
  • Appliances and plumbing fixtures are certified to decrease taste and odor, silt, sand, and rust.

The PUREPLUS whole-house ultraviolet water purification systems are safe and durable materials that are lead-free and NSF-certified. It also meets the requirements of several European directives and the Australian Water Mark.

If your filter breaks within six months, you can quickly change and replace it. You can also choose to return your merchandise and receive a refund. Its helpful customer care will be ready to help you at every turn. Furthermore, helpful customer support representatives can address any questions or concerns you may have.

The PUREPLUS is the best whole house water filter cartridge for well water highly adaptable, fitting into any 10′′x4.5′′ Big Blue filter housing. The PUREPLUS has a capacity of 30,000 water gallons, depending on contamination levels. You can choose to change it every 3-6 months with this. It allows you to save money on replacement prices, even if only for a short time.


  • Strict quality control
  • It fits any heavy-duty filtration system that is standard.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Installation is quick and straightforward.
  • Value for money product.
  • Versatile.


  • Expensive

GE FXHSC Under Sink Water Filter

The GE Whole Home System Replacement under sink filter removes chlorine, sediment, and rust from your water, among other contaminants. 

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits
  • More pollutants are caught and decreased as the microns go smaller.
  • Sediment removal extends the life of the equipment.
  • A single-stage filter cartridge.
  • The highest capacity of 24,000 gallons fits for small to medium family members.

The first stage of your whole-house filtration system is the GE household filtration sediment filter. As a result, this filter is in charge of filtering and eliminating sand, silt, rust, trash, scales, and other materials.

One replacement filter is compatible with the GXWH40L and GXWH35F systems, designed for quick and easy filter installation. For fresh, filtered water throughout your entire home, replace it every three months or 30,000 gallons. GE is certified best water filter for deep well water by the National Sanitation Foundation and the American National Standards Institute (NSF/ANSI).


  • Filter with a 30-micron rating.
  • It’s simple to set up and maintain.
  • Versatile.
  • The water tank has a capacity of 24,000 gallons.
  • Life expectancy is three months.


  • Low flow rate

10″ x 4.5″ Whole House Pleated Sediment Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

A 10″ x 4.5″ Whole House Pleated Sediment Water Filter Replacement Cartridge can efficiently eliminate sand, silt, rust, and sediment to maintain and extend the service life of water appliances. 

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits
  • The Icepure Brand has strict product requirements, and every product must pass through inspection and testing to ensure that It meets our high standards.
  • The Advanced Trilobal Fabrication Technology used in the whole house pleated silt water filter significantly reduces particles, sediment, and other impurities while also being easy to clean.
  • The whole house filter capacity is 30,000 gallons depending on water quality. If you are a small and medium family, that may suit you. 
  • Water flow after filtration is smooth and stable.
  • Its premium quality product provides tasty and healthy water for your family.

The well water filter system lowe’s is composed of lead-free, food-grade plastic. There are no hazardous chemicals present. For your family, use it with confidence. The filter has an ISO9001-certified facility on the same line as NSF50-certified goods. This type of filter is ideal for the filtration of tap water.

The pleated structure has a long service life, and by replacing your filter every 3-6 months or 30,000 gallons, you may enjoy clean water.

This filter may not provide the most acceptable filtration results if your water comes from a well. Because well water contains big particles such as mud and sand, the filter may become clogged in a shorter time. Product lifetime warranty on every filter confirmed with material and quality defects throughout each filter’s service life. We guarantee a risk-free shopping experience, supported by our knowledgeable customer service and technical support staff. 


  • 100% risk-free guarantee
  • Material safety
  • High-efficiency filtration
  • Easy to clean
  • NSF certified


  • It may not work well for well water.

Everpure H-300 Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

Everpure H-300 Water Filter Replacement Cartridge helps to remove asbestos fibers, grime, chloramine, mold, and algae from your family’s drinking water. 

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits
  • Everpure water filter replacement only delivers healthy, great-tasting water.
  • Freshwater is convenient for you and your family at a cost that is less than the cost of bottled water.
  • To preserve the clean, fresh taste of your water, it retains essential minerals found naturally in water.
  • Particles are as good as 0.5 microns in size reduction.
  • It is enhanced with KDF media to prevent scale build-up and equipment damage.
  • Chlorine reduces the taste and odor of water.
  • The flow rate is 0.5 gallons per minute. 10-125 psi pressure is required.

The Everpure H-300 Replacement Filter Cartridge EV9270-72 provides commercial-grade filtration for your home or office. The H-300 filter material, which coats the entire pleated surface inside the cartridge, reduces particles 1/2 micron and more extensive, including Cryptosporidium cysts.

It has a scale inhibitor to prevent mineral build-up in water-using appliances, as well as a chlorine reducer for a better taste and odor. The Everpure water filter replacement has a 6-month or 300-gallon capacity depending on the water quality and pollutants.

It also absorbs familiar earthy, moldy, and fishy tastes and odors, which helps prevent lime and scale build-up in water appliances. A commercial-grade metal canister protects the filter system from splitting or bursting in this cartridge. The built-in water shut-off and twist-off design make cartridge replacements easier.


  • Carbon block filter
  • Reduce chlorine taste and odor.
  • Filters easily changed.
  • WQA goldenseal
  • Flow rate 1/2 gallon per minute.
  • NSF certified


  • Heat sensitivity may damage the product because of the bacterial agent.

Buyer’s Guide To Select Best Water Filter Replacement Cartridge For Well Water

To Select Whole House Water Filter Cartridge Types

Pleated cartridge filters

Pleated cartridge filters are surface filters that keep particles from passing through the top layer of the filter. The pleated media form layers that allow for absolute filtering while simultaneously capturing particles of various sizes.

Dual-grade depth filters

Dual-grade depth filters start filtering at 50 microns on the filter’s surface and then filter down to 5 microns in the filter’s core. Filters with dual grade depths may remove 2.3 times more silt than coiled string filters.

Micron Size: Which one Is Best For You?

The micron size of your drinking water should be small enough to disperse and remove dust and debris. The particle size effectively evaluates the effectiveness; the lower the micron rating, the less likely dust will end up in your drinking water.

 For example, A best whole house water iron filter for well water with a 5-micron rating would be able to remove rust, sand, and silt. However, it is still unable to identify tiny particles. One disadvantage that should not ignore is that the lower the micron rating, the greater the risk of water flow reduction.

Click to learn what does micron filters filter out?

Removal of Contaminants

While whole-house water filters can remove many contaminants, the water continues to flow through the pipes to the taps, potentially picking up particles along the way; therefore, these systems cannot ensure contamination removal 100 percent of the time.

Installation & Maintainance 

Everyone wants their filter cartridge to fit their filter system perfectly—installation of the filter cartridge completed in minutes if you have some plumbing knowledge. Always search for a filter cartridge that is simple to install and does not necessitate the use of a plumber. Installation is a breeze; twist in and out, and you’re ready to enjoy the delicious flavor of your drinking water.

Information For Buyers To Have Best Whole Home Cartridge Filter

Water filters are available in various sizes and functions to meet your specific needs. However, it would be best to go through a few basic procedures to determine what best meets your needs, such as examining your water source, purpose, filter quality, cost, and other features.

Examine your supply

The first step is to determine the number of common drinking contaminants present in your water source. If you get your water from a private source such as a well, a private supply, or a river, there are a variety of inexpensive water testing kits available, or you can hire a water specialist to do the work for you.

You can request a water quality index (WQI) report from your local area supply office if you get your water from a government-provided public supply. The information will assist you in figuring out what kind of filtration you’ll need for your situation.

Flow rate

People purchase water filters without first monitoring the flow rates of their taps, resulting in pressure fluctuations. The likelihood of hose breaking or leakage increases if the flow rate of the hoes is lower than the flow rate of the water filters.

However, if the faucets and hoses have a more effective flow rate than the water filter, the water flow will be inadequate, resulting in frequent choking due to air filling. Filter cartridges are affected by the flow rate of faucets and water filters. Check the flow rate of all your faucets and use the average to get a water filter with a 1-2 GPM greater flow rate.

Filtration’s purpose

Whole-house water filters are highly effective. They are available in a wide range of sizes and flow rates to meet the needs of consumers ranging from modest residential homes to large commercial businesses. If you have a storage tank, it can quickly assist you in determining the appropriate size for your entire house water filtration.

However, if you use direct water, the size of the filters will be determined by your daily water usage. Checking the water meter every day, especially on laundry day, might help you assess how much water you use daily.


If you’re looking for whole-house filters, be sure they’re NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified. NSF and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) maintain high standards in all water filtration solutions provided. Heavy-duty Polypropylene cartridges in whole-house filters help reinforce the filter housing. NSF only certifies the polypropylene quality that the FDA has approved. It translates to higher filter quality and faster filtering.

The Credibility Of The Seller And The Manufacturer

Best whole-house water sediment filter shipping, installation, and services are provided free of charge by the leading sellers and manufacturers. The monthly cost of maintaining a decent whole house filter can be as little as $20. Check the warranty and free service term as well. Polypropylene cartridges perform well in whole-house water filters. However, not all manufacturers can produce FDA-approved cartridges. Installation must be done directly by the vendor or manufacturer if they offer the service or by a licensed plumber.

How Do Whole House Filter Cartridges Work?

A cartridge is a filter that removes undesirable particles, contaminants, and chemicals from liquids by encasing them in a housing or casing. As water, beverage, or solvent flows inside the housing and passes through the filter element, the cartridge is exposed. It travels through one or more filter cartridges designed to filter out certain pollutants. The water may then flow directly into your home’s plumbing, or it may first pass via a reverse osmosis system, UV disinfection chamber, and water softener for additional treatment.

How Long Does A Whole House Water Filter Cartridge Last?

There’s no better feeling than purchasing and installing the best whole house water sediment filter and realizing that it’s one of the most effective ways to offer safe, clean water to your family. A whole house water filter should, on average, last no longer than 12 months. You’ll never have to worry about waiting too long if you know when to change your filter and how to recognize the indicators that it’s ti

Whole House Water Filter Cartridge Types

After reading this article, you’ll have a better understanding of what each of these filter cartridges accomplishes and how they work, allowing you to choose the one that’s right for you.

Sediment Filter Cartridges

Do I need a sediment filter for well water? Nobody wants to drink a big glass of water to get a mouthful of sand and filth. Sediment filters remove particles like this from your water: sand, dust, dirt, silt, rust, scale, and other contaminants. With a filtering size of one micron, this type of filter cartridge will not remove microscopic organisms, bacteria, chemicals, or anything else. It is usually the initial filter in a multi-stage system, and it only eliminates solid particles more significant than one micron.

Ceramic Filters Cartridges

Ceramic filters attract bacteria. Silver incorporated in the filter distributes positively charged metal irons that kill bacteria as they touch the ceramic. They endure longer than many filters because they don’t load with impurities like pass-through filter cartridges. Ceramic filters only remove bacteria and do not filter out particulates.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cartridges

A reverse osmosis filter cartridge’s membrane is extraordinarily dense, allowing it to filter out even the smallest particles. Some can eliminate impurities as small as 1/10,000th of a micron, like bacteria and viruses. These filters are exceptionally good at removing pesticides, pollutants, smells, and unpleasant tastes from your water.

Alkaline Ionizer Filter Cartridges

Necessary water minerals areA robbed after passing through many water filters or even simply a reverse osmosis filter. Natural minerals are added to water in alkaline ionizers through ionically activated mineral rocks. The water absorbs mineral content from the stones, raising the pH and bringing your water back into balance. Your entire health will improve as a result of this. Alkaline ionization increases the amount of oxygen in the water, as well as antioxidants and electrolytes, which your body will appreciate.

Ultraviolet Cartridges

Ultraviolet filters differ from cartridge filters because they do not allow water to pass through them. It’s a lightbulb that fits inside the canister and kills bacteria and microorganisms by exposing them to ultra-violet light, which causes their DNA to destroy. Viruses, fungi, salmonella, cysts, dysentery, algae, and various viruses and bacteria can kill with ultraviolet filters. 


So you keep listening to your friends brag about how long their water filter cartridges last, but be careful what you choose. You can’t put your money into something you don’t understand. But, as promised, we have compiled a list of which whole house water filter cartridge is best for 2022 to ensure your health and quality.
Never make a mistake when buying a filter because everything you need to know before buying. If you’re still unhappy, check out our list of the best whole house water filters to remove the market’s sulfur smell.


Some others question’s answers for our readers that might be helpful for reading.

Why Is My Whole House Water Filter Black? 

Iron or manganese in the water system frequently turns the filter black. These particles are likewise non-digestible, but they give your water a cloudy appearance and could discolor your clean dishes, clothing, and plumbing fixtures.

In the filtration process, carbon has included for water filtration. These granular particles get trapped in the cartridge and cause it to turn black. The cycle repeats endlessly, producing a black cartridge filter. In the water treatment system, carbon-based filtration is a natural choice.

What Brand Do I Recommend for a Whole House Water Filter And Softener Combo?

Springwell’s whole-house Well water filter system recommends for customers’ sake, and a whole house water softener recommends Springwell. If you want to combine the two, it makes sense for us to propose Springwell. The WSSS or WSSF series is probably your best if you have healthy water.

The best water softener for medium-sized families is the Water2Buy W2B200. Water2Buy’s metered W2B200 water softening system is one of the most popular in the UK.

City water tastes awful and leaves severe hard water stains on glass/stainless steel. What’s my best budget course of action? Whole house filter, water softener, Or filter attached to sink?

Hard water is one of the most prevalent water issues in New Jersey. It’s the source of a slew of long-term issues like stains on clothes and fixtures, soap scum, corroded pipes and appliances, mineral scale accumulation on institutions, and water that tastes and smells terrible.

Many people suffer from dry skin and hair, poor soap lathering, bathtub rings, dingy clothes, and other issues for years before realizing it’s due to hard water.

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