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Can You Mix Alkaline Water With Regular Water?

Can You Mix Alkaline Water with Regular Water


In the US, tap water consists of various substances having acidic pH. As mineral water is beneficial so you may think, can you mix alkaline water with normal water? The answer is no; Experts have suggested not mixing alkaline water with plain water. Changing to alkaline water can cause gastrointestinal problems and increase acidity.

We usually use tap water to fulfill household needs. Whereas you can drink alkaline water, a limited amount that enhances hydration, boosts your bone health, and much more. But be careful; its higher pH can neutralize the acid in your bloodstream.

So you can’t drink Alkaline water more than the recommended amount. If you mix regular water with alkaline water, it can be full of contaminants. If you still do this, read the blog to learn what could be the possible alkaline water benefits and risks!

Can you Mix Alkaline Water with Plain Water?

Water alkaline has a higher pH level than tap water. It has the capability of neutralizing acid in your bloodstream. It also helps in detoxifying chemicals from your body and prevents you from diseases such as cancer, acidity, etc. Along with that, alkaline water tastes better than plain water. Although it has benefits, an excessive amount of calcium and magnesium in water can cause harmful effects on your bone health. 

 Alkaline water has the minimum amount of minerals that are helpful for your body. Regular water contains many excessive minerals and contaminants, such as toxins produced by bacteria, fungi, algae, and chemicals like nitrogen, bleach, salts, pesticides, and metals.

We cannot mix alkaline water with normal water. Mixing normal contaminated water with alkaline water will not remove the contaminants from drinking water but will contaminate the other.
Mixing the water in a tank or container will add impurities to your alkaline water. Consuming water with many constituents will make your stomach bulky. You might bloat and suffer from diarrhea due to overconsumption of rich water.

Yes, regular water can be taken with alkaline drinking water but separately. If you drink 2 glasses of alkaline water, you should also drink 6 glasses of regular water daily. The alkaline diet is beneficial but should be in a limited quantity. It will give you maximum health benefits. 

How Much Alkaline Water can You Drink Per Day?

Two to Three liters of Alkaline water is good for you to get optimum benefits. It makes up to eight to twelve cups a day. Slowly transitioning your diet to alkalinity helps your body to work on the optimal level.

Can You Drink Alkaline Water Every Day?

You can drink alkaline water daily. Drinking daily water which is alkaline does not as such affect your body but its quantity matters. Drinking too much of it makes it difficult for your body to maintain its pH. As our stomach has an acidic environment, it starts producing more acids if it becomes too alkaline. It may cause acidity and ulcers and is harmful to the body. 

If you use alkaline water regularly, its alkalinity should be between 9-11. Not more than that because too much alkalinity can destroy your acidic stomach pH. If you drink alkaline water with contaminated water and drink it regularly, it can cause several side effects:
Distraction in the stomach
Kidney dysfunction
Damage your heart
Worsen your diabetes
Damage your nerve cell.
Cause itchy, red skin.

Note: After reading this article, you may be curious. 11.5 Is it safe to drink alkaline water? According to Public Health Nigeria, a higher pH of 11.5 makes the taste bitter and counteracts excess acidity in your body. 

Is Alkaline Water Better than Regular Water?

In most US states, plain water is mixed with minerals through seepage, leaching, and runoff. Large amounts of calcium and magnesium cause health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, bone mineralization, and other health benefits. 

Many people have installed reverse osmosis water filters to reduce the acidity of water. It makes water dead and removes even the required minerals from it. To make your water alkaline and mineralized, you can use whole-house filters to add the minimum amount of minerals to reduce the harmful effects of your filtered tap water. 

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Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Alkaline water has many benefits. The most important of them is that it contains minerals in numerous amounts. Mineral water good for you include:

  • Calcium is important for bone health and muscle and nerve function.
  • Magnesium helps to turn food into energy.
  • Sodium (to regulate blood pressure).
  • Potassium (for muscle function and healthy function).
  • It also helps your body detoxify harmful chemicals.
  • It improves your immune system and weight loss and helps in cancer resistance.
  • It causes less bone resorption and more bone mineral density resulting in healthy bones.
  • According to the research Journal, tap and bottled waters having a ph range from 6.7 to 7.4 would not affect the pepsin stability. Specifically, old age peoples suffer from acid reflux. Using alkaline water can reduce acid reflux problems by 50%. 
  • Installing alkaline water filter pitchers or whole house filters enhances the chance of longevity of your life as it boosts your immune system to a great extent.
  • Alkaline water is good for you to get rid of kidney stones.
Alkaline Water Benefits – 10 Benefits of Alkaline Water in just 3 Minutes by Life Ionizers

Side Effects of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water has no potential side effects, but it may cause an upset stomach because your body cannot stand stomach acid. People above the age of 60 also cannot drink alkaline water as this may lead to potential side effects such as itchy or scaly skin, but it can improve by reducing your daily consumption amount. 


Some other questions and answers for our readers might be helpful for reading.

Can I use alkaline water instead of distilled water?

We can use alkaline water along with distilled water. Distilled water provides you with no necessary minerals. Using alkaline water in a specific amount will help you get those minerals, too, but in a minimum amount as required by the body.

What are Some Homemade Alkaline Waters?

People drink raisin, lemon, and ginger water, the most commonly homemade alkaline water. They are also called detox waters. Adding green vegetables like cucumber to your water helps you to gain detoxifying properties. 


In short, drinking alkaline water can benefit you in many ways, but specific limits of maximum 2-3 cups per day. As overuse of everything is harmful, you should also be careful in alkaline water. According to a recent study by Mayo Clinic, regular water is the most suitable water for drinking. Alkaline water does not match many people and does not positively affect them or sometimes does not cause any effect. So, there are mixed reviews for alkaline water. 

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