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Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System Review In 2023 (MK99, SK99, MP99)

Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System Review


Everyone knows water quality is dropping daily due to human activities such as industrialization, agriculture, and factories. It is getting polluted as time goes on. In the U.S., fluorinated, arsenic, lead, and other contaminant waters run through the tap, which is highly unsafe to drink and causes hazardous effects on life. So, they may use bottled water for their homes which costs high. 

Several best water filters remove arsenic, fluoride, chlorine, lead, and other harmful impurities. If you suffer from unfiltered water issues, an under-sink water filter would be an excellent solution to your water problem. More importantly, I choose the Best Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter Reviews to help you get fresh, pure, and safe water.

This blog will share,

  • The best Three Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter Reviews
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of an Undersink Water Filter?
  • The difference between Countertop Water Filter & Undersink Water Filter.
  • Ultimate key points to know before buying the best Undersink Water Filter.

List of Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filters

Top three frizzlife kitchen sink water filters which have super reviews:

ImageProduct NameRatingPrice
Our Pick
frizzlife under sink water filter mk99
  • Frizzlife under sink water filters MK99
Best One
frizzlife under sink water filter MP99
  • Frizzlife under sink water filters MP99
frizzlife under sink water filter  SK99
  • Frizzlife under sink water filters SK99

1. Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System MK99 Review

with 99% lead and chlorine removal

The Frizzlife MK99 under-sink drinking water filter, with its highly accurate two-stage filter, removes 99.99% of the drinking water leaving all required minerals. The Frizzlife MK99 Eliminates 99.99% Lead, Mercury, Chlorine, Chromium 6, Rust, VOCs, Carcinogens, and Turbidity, improving water’s smell and taste.

Top Pick

Benefits Of Using Frizzlife under sink water filters MK99

frizzlife under sink water filter mk99
  • The frizzlife Mk99 kitchen sink water filter uses a single filter with a two-stage cartridge system working as a powerful filter.
  • Mk99 is certified by NSF 42 and 53 for removing impurities and harmful contaminants.
  • Installation is very easy; Frizzlife has extremely compatible attachments.
  • Costumers happily invest in frizzlife Mk99 due to money-saving and satisfaction.
  • Filter life span is excellent and long-lasting
  • Cost-effective and friendly
  • One of the best benefits is adding minerals to the drinking water essential to health.

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  • The sediment filter cartridge has a 5-micron membrane that diminishes particles and removes sediments.
  • The carbon block filter cartridge has a 0.5-micron membrane that diminishes 99.99% of lead and other heavy metals, including chlorine.

Installing the under-counter water filter system requires no drilling tools or plumbing. The filter system contains hoses that directly attach and fit valves under kitchen sinks. The water filter has converter connections that enable the system to install. It has weaved hoses to connect to the main faucet, and a converter set can be compatible with the cold water line.

Here I’m embedding a video of MK99 under sink water filtration system with an installation guide.

Frizzlife MK99 under sink water filter installation guide directly from


Just a few minutes are required for the replacement filter.  Each filter with great capacity needs water filter replacement after two years. For perfect filtration, you can replace your filter after eight months. Due to its cap shape filter, the replacement filter doesn’t even demand shutting off the water supply.


Flow Rate is perfect for household requirements. It is a very efficient system that fulfills the requirements of washing, cooking, and cleaning.

The flow rate is 2.0GPM at a pressure of 40 psi


Frizzlife MK99 is the highest-ranking frizzlife under sink water filter that removes 99% lead, chlorine, and other contaminants from the drinking water and happily provides the cleanest, safest, purest, and healthier water! 


Mk99 under-counter water filter system has a different quality of adding essential minerals to drinking water that affect the human’s life and fulfill their mineral requirement. It adds sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium to the water imparting an alkaline and delicious taste.


This system is very cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The system comprises a core filter; you must replace the internal core without wasting the whole plastic covering, which can be a money-saver.


The frizzlife MK99 purified water can also be used with its ice-making kit.


  • Nsf certified by 42 and 53
  • The single filter works with double-filter mechanisms.
  • Filter Cost less than 20 dollars
  • The maximum flow rate is 2 gallons per minute.
  • Removes 99% lead and chlorine.


  • Pressure drop was observed

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2. Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System MP99 Review

Frizzlife MP99 under counter filter system includes a two-Stage advanced water filter with 0.5 Micron, which has a unique property that removes 99.99% of contaminants. It effectively removes Heavy Metals, Lead, Mercury, Chlorine, Chromium 6, Dust, Smut, Herbicides, Pesticides, Carcinogens, and other Contaminants.

Top Pick

Benefits Of Using Frizzlife under sink water filters MP99

frizzlife under sink water filter MP99
  • Certified by a third party, NSF, with standards 53 and 42
  • The immediately changeable twist in installation
  • Installation requires only 3 minutes without restricting the water supply
  • 99% of lead and chlorine is removed by this filter
  • Adds minerals to the water to produce healthful and tasteful effects
  • Stylish faucets increase the beauty of the kitchen
  • Multi-using advanced applications also available with an ice-making kit

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The frizzlife water filter excludes over 99.99% of impurities as MP99 reduces 99.99% of the lead and chlorine from the drinking water, improving the water’s flavor and smell.


No plumbing and drilling must be set under the counter or kitchen. MP99 is available with a brass water adapter, brackets, and an installation instruction booklet. The booklet will guide you to install your system well and provide other information about the filter to satisfy you.

Frizzlife MP99 under sink water filter installation guide directly from


The MP99 water filter system contains a core cartridge filter that needs replacing. You don’t have to ravish full plastic coverings. This purifier water filter uses a replaceable filter cartridge FZ-2 filter which lasts two years. But if you are health conscious and want the best quality of water, then use it for at least eight months.


 Traditional water filter systems offer a system that, when they are installed, shuts off the water supply. People can be tension-free with this restriction. Thanks to frizzlife MP99 and MK99, they don’t restrict the water supply. Their twist-in pattern makes a frizzlife water filter to be installed under the counter in three minutes.


 People are worried about the water flow using other standard water filter systems. So we recommend the MP99 filter to have a high flow rate. Flow Rate is more than 1.2 gallons of water per minute at 40-60psi used in countertops, under the sink, ice producer, toilets, garden, etc. At 60psi pressure, 1.4 gallons of water is produced per minute, which can pour a full cup of 330 ml in a few seconds.


If you want to drink safe, pure, but cold water, you can use it with an ice-maker kit. You can buy it from various U.S. online stores. 


Removes 99% of lead, chlorine, and other contaminants with 0.5-micron accuracy of combined filters with advanced filtration. It removes mercury, lead, copper, fluoride, arsenic, salts, sediments, cancer-linked agents, and VOCs.


This frizzlife water adds minerals like potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium to the drinking water.


This system has a lead-free stainless stylish faucet coated with nickel. This contemporary filter faucet matches your kitchen counter or cabinets and gives an aesthetic look to your kitchenette.


This filter system is not too expensive; even it can save money. Because it doesn’t need wastage of the entire cartridge, you need to change the internal core.


  • The maximum rate flow is 1.8 gallons per minute.
  • Removes 99% highly toxic metal, chlorine, and lead
  • 53 and 42 NSF certified to remove harmful chemicals
  • Filters have powerful filtration with a 2-stage cartridge


  • Not connected with standard water faucets
  • Dripping issue 

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3. Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System SK99 Review

The Frizzlife SK99 under-counter filter with 3-stage filtration removes over 99.99% of harmful impurities. The SK99 removes 99% Lead, 99% Chloramine and chlorine, Fluoride, Herbicides, Pesticides, VOCs, and many more. 

Top Pick

Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System SK99 Features

frizzlife under sink water filter SK99
  • Brand: FRIZZLIFE
  • Color: White, Black, Silver
  • Capacity: 330 Milliliters
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 1.7 Gallons Per Minute
  • Material: 1. System cover: plastic 2. filters: PP, carbon filters

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Frizzlife SK99 Under Sink Water Filter available with the latest upgrade:
NEW – Frizzlife 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System SK99 With Direct Connect



  • Stage 1 contains a pleated P.P. sediment filter cartridge that removes the water’s sediments and other dust particles.
  • Stage 2 contains a carbon filter cartridge with an accuracy of 3 to 5 microns, which removes chlorine, chloramine, VOCs, and impurities from the water.
  • Stage 3 contains a carbon block filter cartridge with 0.5-micron filtration accuracy, which removes all the remaining particles from the drinking water.
frizzlife under sink water filter reviews1
Frizzlife SK99 Water Filtration System


Frizzlife under sink water filters with this model can remineralize the water. Adding minerals is necessary because the body needs minerals to stay healthy and robust properly.


The frizzlife SK99 can remove 99% lead, chloramine, chlorine, fluoride, and other impurities.

Fast Water Flow

A system will have greater priority if it has a higher flow rate. The flow rate can reach up to 2 Gallon Per Minute. SK99 can fill a 330ml cup of water and get instant, tasty, healthy water in just 3 seconds!


The frizzlife water filter SK99 doesn’t need a plumber to install. Following the manual booklet’s simple instructions, you can install this under-sink water filter within a few minutes.


The sediment filter lasts 6 to 12 months; a carbon filter lasts 8 to 12 months. You must replace your filter for the third last carbon filter after 12 to 18 months.


Unlike typical all-in-one water filter systems, the Frizzlife water filter conserves your wealth and grants you environmental protection by utilizing a replaceable filter. You don’t need to dispose of the full plastic coverings to change inside the filter cartridges.


  • The maximum flow rate is 1.7 to 2 gallons per minute
  • Adds sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium to the water
  • Certified by NSF 53 & 42
  • Filter life is long-lasting


  • Not suitable for well water

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The overview of Frizzlife SK99 under sink water filter system directly from

Buyers Guide To Under Sink Water Filter

Things to know before buying

What is under sink water filter system?

Under-sink water filters are called Under Counter or Kitchen Sink Water Filters. These are purifiers connected beneath your kitchen sink to purify your water for drinking, washing, cooking, and other reasons you are about to be a concern. Some under-sink water filters are also available with the reverse osmosis mechanism, which increases their efficiency.

The under-sink water filter systems are a common water treatment option for homeowners and renters. Because under counter water filters are easy to install and carry for renters. Water enters the filter and leaves to be more pure drinkable. The filter connects to a water pipeline under the kitchen’s washbasin. The water runs through this pipe into an under-sink water filter and is forced to access clean, pure, safe water.


  1. OUT OF SIGHT: An under-sink drinking water filter is installed under the counter, so they are out from your sight or countertop. If you have little space in your room or kitchen, an under-sink water filter will be more convenient.
  2. SUFFICIENT TASTE: You wouldn’t like to drink if you have unfiltered water. Its smell will bug you. So if you are deciding to buy the best under-counter filter system for your home, it’s a good idea because it improves the quality and taste of water.
  3. FASTER FLOW RATE: The under-sink drinking water filter is attached directly to your kitchen sink’s faucet with fast water flow. No need to refill a container or a jug.
  4. PERFORMANCE: Under sink water filtration allows outstanding filtration to remove various contaminants. But mainly, performance depends upon the model or product you choose.
  5. CONTAMINANT-FREE WATER: The best under-sink water filter will help you to remove viruses and bacteria, herbicides, pesticides, or elements in the drinking water
  6. COST-EFFECTIVE: The under-sink water filtration systems are very efficient and easily affordable.  


  1. PRICE: When selecting a water filter system, you’ll likely notice the cost of under-sink water filter systems and countertop water filters. Undoubtedly, Under sink water filtration systems usually provide strong filtration, but their price is higher than countertop water filters. Consider your water filtration system according to your needs and determine which one is the best water filter system.

Under Sink Water Filter System vs. Countertop Water Filter System


  • Under-sink water filters are installed beneath your kitchen sink.
  • With under-sink water filters, filters are attached to the kitchen counter to give a clean look.
  • Under counter filter with a reverse osmosis system gives a proper output of filtered water with better flow.
  • The under sink water filters are larger and take more space, but if you have a little space in your kitchen, it is convenient to use them under the sink.
  • The undersink water filters are big and not easy to carry everywhere you go. 
  • The undersink water filters are usually expensive.
  • The frizzlife MK99 under sink water filter system is the best example of an under counter water filter. 


  • Countertop water filters are connected to your kitchen faucets via pipes.
  • With countertop water filters as they are placed on the counter, and take space of the kitchen.
  • The countertop reverse osmosis water filter systems have a more limited flow rate and do not produce a large amount of filtered water.
  • The countertop water filters are smaller and occupy less space than under-sink water filter systems.
  • The countertop water filters are small in size and easier to install, and comfortable to move anywhere.
  • The countertop water filters are cost-effective than under-sink water filters.
  • The Aquasana AQ-4000W is the best example of countertop water filters.

The Key Points To Know Before Buying The Best Undersink Water Filter

The key things to know before buying a frizzlife under sink water filter system. One must have to read it before choosing one.

Removal of contaminants

The water source is the first and foremost thing to consider when buying a kitchen sink water filter system. You should know about tap or well water that runs into your faucets containing what type of contaminants. For example, if your water contains heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic, fluoride, etc. You have to search for filters that can remove all the contaminants and impurities and help to get great quality, tasteful water. 

Because if you don’t choose the best filter that removes impurities, it will affect your quality and impart negative signs to your health.

Type of Filter or cartridges

Types of filters mean that your purchased product has filter mechanisms like reverse osmosis, ion exchange, electrochemical process, distillation, etc. Reverse osmosis is the best technology in some countertop reverse osmosis water filter systems. Under-sink water filter systems use reverse membranes, GAC filters, carbon block filters, and sediment filters that provide powerful advanced technologies filtration.  


Measurement is important because the under-sink water filter will fit under your counter, so under the counter needs measurements to compare it with your filter.

Several under-sink filter systems occupy more space to adjust; usually, renters and homeowners do not have enough space to fit them. They should go for compact designs with small units according to the under-sink measurements that provide safe and filtered water.

NSF/ANSI Certified

After deep research and testing, NSF certification means that a third party has proven the object. You should consider those filters certified by NSF/ANSI/WAQ. It will indicate that you filter best to remove impurities.

Easy to install

Usually, conventional water filters require long process installation with plumbing or drilling tools, requiring extra time and effort. People find more and more ease in their life, so I’ll suggest a good thing to minimize your time and efforts. Always look for water filter systems that are very easy to install and maintain.

Filter’s lifespan and replacement

The filter’s life span is the most important because you want the most efficient and long-lasting investments. There are various water filters with perfect filtration technology whose filter life is excellent and long-term. After it, you need to replace them, and a good water filter offers a life span of 1-2 years. 

Filtration capacity

The flow rate and capacity of the water filter should be good enough to fulfill the household’s needs. The water should be enough for washing, bathing, cooking, drinking, etc. 


Sometimes people have water filters with distillation units or reverse osmosis, making your water vacant from all the essential mineral contents. So, filters with remineralization are available in today’s market. You can buy these filters to meet the body’s needs. The frizzle under sink water filters is capable of remineralizing the water.

Wastage rate

The wastage rate means that the filter system produces wastewater with filtered water. I will not recommend a system with a great wastage rate because water is the blessing of God. Under sink water filters, water passes through the filter, giving pure and drinkable water. These are the best water filters in a way that they provide water directly without waste.


Every beautiful thing looks ugly if we don’t maintain or care for it. Similarly, under-counter water filters also demand maintenance for proper functioning. Go for the filters which require minimum maintenance in little time and replace your filters on time. 


It is concluded that if your water contains a high level of total dissolved solids, your tap water has a smell or bad taste, and you are looking for an efficient system. I have generated the best frizzlife under sink water filter reviews with you guys to get the benefits of pure water if you are tired of drinking and investing in bottled water. So, no more bottled water now, and enjoy the bestfilterslife!


Some other questions and answers for our readers might be helpful for reading.

How to change the filter of the frizzle under the sink water filtering system?

It is very easy to change the frizzlife filter. You need a wrench to turn the filter in a counter-clockwise direction. The filter will loosen, and you don’t need to waste a whole plastic part. You have to change the internal core, remove the previous one, and replace a new one.

What is the role of demineralization in Frizzlife under sink water filtering system?

Frizzlife under sink water filters can remineralize water to make it super healthy, especially for toddlers. It is because essential minerals are vital to the body. Calcium is necessary for bones. Phosphorus is necessary for body metabolism, etc. With the efficiency of minerals, the body is unable to perform well.

What contaminants are removed by frizzlife under the sink water filter?

They remove 99% lead, heavy metals, chlorine, mercury, chromium 6, fluoride, sediments, Volatile Organic Compounds, pharmaceuticals, Carcinogens, and other contaminants Tastes.

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