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Frizzlife WA99 reverse osmosis countertop water filter 2022 Review & Buyers Guide

Frizzlife WA99 reverse osmosis countertop water filter system


Our review guide for frizzlife countertop reverse osmosis water filter will cover all your doubts when you are concerned with your best water quality and health. 

Many filtering processes can filter the water in many ways. One of the best filtration methods is the reverse osmosis filtration system. When we talk about the best countertop reverse osmosis water filter systems, then the frizzlife wa99 review has a top ranking in them.

frizzlife wa99 RO countertop water filter review

frizzlife wa99 RO countertop water filter review
  • Brand Frizzlife
  • built-in smart screen
  • Removes up to 99.99% of over 1k contaminants
  • 5:1 Low Drain Ratio
  • Modern Design
  • No Installation

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Why Frizzlife WA99 Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filtration system?

frizzlife wa99 reverse osmosis countertop water filter

Frizzlife countertop reverse osmosis system possesses many qualities that no other traditional water filter can offer. It is one of the most convenient countertop water filters that exist.

Reverse osmosis countertop water filters have many benefits, and the user has many accessible features to choose from, such as easy installation, a water reservoir system, a smart screen, and water-saving qualities.

  • EASY INSTALLATION: these reverse osmosis systems can be used and kept anywhere near a power supply, whether at home or on the office desk. You can place the frizzlife Wa99 countertop drinking water filter anyplace.
  • SMART SCREEN: frizzlife reverse osmosis filters have a built-in bright screen that detects the water supply change and displays the TDS.
  • WATER RESERVOIR: it can store a hefty amount of water at a time and filter it out when needed.
  • WATER-SAVING QUALITIES: The Frizzlife WA99 accomplishes an extraordinary 5:1 proportion with the lowest drain ratio.  The framework configuration joins a round filtration measure that re-channels the water however much as could reasonably be expected before a pointer tells you to dump the wastewater put away in the reservoir bucket. Wastewater with the filtered contaminants should not be consumed while using the reverse osmosis water filters.

Features & Specifications:

Frizzlife countertop reverse osmosis systems have many features that should be present in all reverse osmosis water filter systems.

These reverse osmosis filters have features of  0.0001-micron precision, tankless design, TDS monitoring, low drain ratio, zero installments, easy replacement filters, certified, eco-friendly, and pocket-friendly.


Frizzlife reverse osmosis filtration systems come with WQA certification to NSF/ ANSI 58. NSF 58 means that it is third-party authorized and removes many harmful contaminants, including heavy metals.

Removal of contaminants

Countertop frizzlife reverse osmosis water filters remove up to 99.999% of water contaminants out of the 1000 contaminants. Like

  • lead
  • chlorine
  • fluoride
  • and heavy metals, including mercury, chromium, arsenic, and much more.

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Working of frizzlife WA99 reverse osmosis countertop water filter with 4-Stage deep filtration:

  • Stage 1: High-quality sediment filter stops acceptable debris and reduces particles such as sand, residue, and rust.
  • Stage 2:  Carbon block filter eliminates chlorine, organic materials, irrelevant taste, odors, cloudiness, and color. It also removes VOCs and other common substances.
  • Stage 3: A USA-made reverse osmosis (RO) membrane filter reduces water impurities to 1/10000 microns in size. They have 0.0001-micron reverse osmosis filters, which ensure the best drinking water.
  • Stage 4: Granular carbon filter further reduces organic molecules and makes water for better taste.

Portable and tankless:

Frizzlife WA99 reverse osmosis countertop water filters have a portable and tankless design that can be easily carried and plugged into a power source. The modern and stylish design can add a terrific aesthetic to the kitchen and even the office or bedroom. These countertop water filters can hold up to 3 Litres or 0.8 gallons of purified water.

TDS feature

The total dissolved solids is another excellent feature to monitor the water reservoir in countertop reverse osmosis water filter frizzlife. If the water is 100% pure, then the TDS would be zero. The frizzlife reverse osmosis systems will also show when to replace the replacement filters and their accuracy with time. 

Drain ratio:

The super-low drain feature is also one of the many reasons you should buy these countertop RO water filters. The circular multi-filtration process has made water recycling more manageable than ever, so you get to save your water bill.

Other water filters have a high wastage rate rather than it,  these systems wastewater with an average of 3 gallons. As compared to other systems, the frizzlife wa99 has the lowest drain ratio.

Water capacity:

The frizzlife countertop water filter can hold up to 3 Litres of water that means (0.8) gallons of water at a time.

  • the rated working pressure of this filter is 58 psi
  • the maximum working pressure is 130psi
  • operating temperature minimum is 39F and maximum is 100 F

Cup Size Selection:

  • there are various cup sizes available for the water bucket.
  • You can choose these sizes according to the consumption of your water.
  • 150ml,250ml,350ml are the cup sizes availble.

Installation free

Frizzlife WA99 reverse osmosis countertop water filters don’t need any installation, and they come assembled and need to be plugged into the power source.

Reverse osmosis systems like the frizzlife are plumbing free; hence you need to change the water reservoir bucket yourself according to your water needs. The container is 9 inches tall and fits effectively into kitchen sinks, baths, and surprisingly more profound restroom sinks for topping off. The repository container lifts effectively and out of its spot in the framework and fits back one way. 

  • Filling the water supply is straightforward.
  • Open the top and lift the unfiltered water container out of the filter system.
  • Dump any leftover water.
  • Top off the pitcher As far as possible line and spot it back in the framework. Close the cover. 
  • At that point, the framework will naturally measure the new water and store the separated water in an inner tank until required.
The installation guide directly from frizzlife on Frizzlife Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filter System

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Frizzlife WA99 Replacement Filters

  • You should regularly monitor the frizzlife wa99 filter for the high efficiency of reverse osmosis filters and premium quality drinking water.
  • As you know, the frizzlife reverse osmosis water filter has four filters as it undergoes four stages of filtration.
  • The sediment and the block carbon filters need to be replaced after six months.
  •  RO and GAC filters last for 12 months.
  • The replacement period of the filters may vary according to the water quality.

Here are the links to frizzlife WA99 replacement filters with replacement instructions:

  • Replace the Stage 1 filter cartridge every 6 months.

W4001 Replacement Filter Cartridge for Frizzlife WA99

  • Replace the Stage 2 filter cartridge every 6 months.

W4002 Replacement Filter Cartridge for Frizzlife WA99

  • Replace the Stage 3 filter cartridge every 12 months.

W4003 Replacement Filter Cartridge for Frizzlife WA99

  • Replace the Stage 4 filter cartridge every 12 months.

W4004 Replacement Filter Cartridge for Frizzlife WA99

  • Replace the Stage 1 & Stage 2 filter cartridge as bundles for 1 Year.

W5002 Replacement Filter Cartridge Set for Frizzlife WA99

  • Replace the Stage 3 & Stage 4 filter cartridge as bundles for 1 Year (Best Valued).

W5006 Replacement Filter Cartridge Set for Frizzlife WA99

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  • The maintenance of these reverse osmosis filters is not very high.
  • The filters are to be changed according to the desired needs.
  • The countertop drinking water filter needs to be cleaned with a dry cloth to protect it from dust.
  • Frizzlife water filter is not to be kept in direct sunlight or moisture to protect it from rust and maintain the quality of the filter.
  • The countertop drinking water filter must be handled with care so that it can last a long time.

Advantages Frizzlife WA99:

The advantages of frizzlife wa99 reverse osmosis countertop are

  1. Reverse osmosis filtered water can be available anywhere without any plumbing systems.
  2. installation-free
  3. aesthetic look, and sleek design
  4. made in the USA
  5. Very competent at maintaining water taste
  6. easy to maintain and manage daily.
  7. TDL screen display makes it easier to check the water contaminants.
  8.  It has filter life indicators that give signs of filter replacement
  9.  it has certification of WQA
  10.  it has a drain ratio of 5:1, which means five glasses of drinking water and only one glass of water waste.

Disadvantages Frizzlife WA99:

Following are the disadvantages of frizzlife wa99 countertop reverse osmosis

  1. It occupies more space on small and precise counters.
  2. The buttons which control the water output can be too delicate.
  3.  these filters have short life-span

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After reading this article, you can surely decide that frizzlife WA99 NSF certified countertop water filter is one of the best filter systems you can have at your house.

It is time made investment, and the filter top-up needs to be done once in six months, and once a year, you don’t need high maintenance, and it is installation free. It also has a tankless, sleek design that enhances the beauty of the space where you kept it.

You can always have safe and quality drinking water for your household. The frizzle countertop water filter has many advantages and is also portable with a power supply. It comes in various cup sizes depending upon the capacity and consumption of drinking water.


Some others question’s answers for our readers that might be helpful for reading.

How do I reset my frizzlife countertop filter?

When you turn on the power for the water filter, the four presets for each filter will rise. Just press on whichever filter you want to reset until it beeps and then utilizes it.

Does frizzlife remove fluoride?

Frizzlife under the sink NSF-certified reverse osmosis water filters have been known to reduce the amount of fluoride from drinking water; removing fluoride is important because long-term fluoride exposure has adverse effects.

How long frizzlife water filter last?

frizzlife water filters have an extensive filtration process. The water undergoes four-step deep filtration. The sediment and carbon filters last for about six months, more or less, depending upon the water quality, whereas the RO and granular filters last for 12 months.

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