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How To Stop Water Filter From Leaking? 3 Quick Fixes.

How To Stop Water Filter From Leaking


Whole house water filter is the easiest way to remove minerals, heavy metals, and chemicals. Hence, it reduces the potential plumbing issues like corrosion, pipes rusting, and home appliance damage. But what if your water filter starts leaking from the pressure relief button, housing top and its fittings?

If your water filter is leaking and you’re wondering about it. No worries, find the spot where it gets leaking. If it is leaking from the housing top, depressurize the filter and tighten it with a wrench. If it fails, disconnect the housing, grease the o-ring, and reconnect it.

In this blog post, We’ll guide you about the basic tool that you may need to fix whole house water filter leaking. Additionally, We’ll explain how to stop water filters from leaking completely. 

How do I Trace Where My Water Filter is Leaking From?

If your water filter leaks from the housing and you want to fix it. But before that, you might want to know where exactly it gets leaking from, right?   

How do I Stop my Water Filter From Leaking

It’s a really simple and quick process to detect where it gets leaked. To trace leaking

  • Shut off the valve, entering the housing
  • Shut off the valve, leaving the housing
  • Open the downstream faucet to release all water pressure
  • Shut off the faucet when it starts trickling
  • Take a towel or cloth and dry the filter housing from the outside.
  • Then, open water enters the filter housing
  • Start noticing the filter housing, from where it can release

The can leak from the housing canister top, fittings, and pressure relief button. 


If the filter leaks from the housing top, turn off the water entering the filter housing and open the valve, leaving the filter housing. Open the downstream faucet and depressurize the housing. Once it is done, take a wrench, place it in housing grooves, and turn anti-clockwise to tighten it. If this fails, we advise you to open the filter and fix it.

Tools You Need To Fix Water Filter Leaking:

As far as the tools are concerned with this process, we’d like to tell you what tools you might need to fix the issue successfully.

Tools NameDetails
Filter Housing WrenchIt is available in different sizes and depends on the size of the water filter you’ve installed in your house
Teflon tapReadily available in the local market
Silicon GreaseIt is important to apply if the o-rings are dried
Filter Housing O-ringsDamaged o-rings mostly cause the leaking

How do I Stop my Water Filter From Leaking?

Once you’ve determined the spot from where it is leaking, it will definitely be easier to fix the issue.

Here is how to fix a leaking water filter

1. Disconnect the Filter Housing

Before you disconnect the housing, ensure you have depressurized the water filter to avoid any accidental damage. To disconnect it

  • Take a water filter wrench and place it in canister grooves
  • Turn it clockwise with some little force.
  • Once it is loose, take the bucket and place it below the filter.
  • Turn the canister clockwise with your hands and remove it.

2. Troubleshoot the Diagnosed Issue:

Once you’ve diagnosed the cause of the issue, you might want to fix it.

Suppose you’ve diagnosed the problem as leaking from the housing top. In that case, the issue can be with the o-ring that might be dried or torn. If it is torn, you may have to replace it with another one. If it is dried, use silicone grease to lubricate it after placing it in o-ring grooves properly. 

If the housing leaking is from its fittings, we advise you to tighten it by using a straight pipe wrench. It will fix the issue. If it is leaking from the pressure relief button, remove its Phillips screw in the housing cap and grease the small o-ring (present the Phillips screw) with the silicone grease present.

3. Reconnect the Housing

Once you’ve done the troubleshooting, we advise you to reconnect the housing carefully. To reconnect it

  • Place the filter cartridge into the centre of the canister
  • Grease the o-ring properly with silicon grease
  • Place the housing into the cap
  • Turn it anti-clockwise with the help of your hand
  • Take a wrench to tighten it enough to avoid any leakage again


In this blog post, we’ve discussed how to trace leaking issues within a filter. Additionally, we’ve explained in a step-by-step guide how to stop the water filter from leaking.

If you are not tech-savvy or uncomfortable with any plumbing process. In that case, it’s best to seek professional assistance to stop the water filter from leaking. We advise you to contact the technical support of the manufacturer.

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