How To Stop Water Filter From Leaking – Fix Dripping & Leakage

How To Stop Water Filter From Leaking

Water filters are the most popular yet the most problematic. They need maintenance before and after installation, but even the best filters still have issues. One of them is the water filter leaking! 

When you take out water after one take, it starts dripping. It may still leak even though you’ve attempted to fix the issue. You are now worried about dialing a professional plumber and exhausted from paying again and again.

No worry about calling plumbers now! This article brings the DIY methods to fix issues. I would explain “How To Stop Water Filter From Leaking” at home.

Let’s do little troubleshooting to fix the situation!

Why is my filter leaking?

Water filters remove unwanted chemicals and impurities from your water. But they can also be damaged, start leaking and push you into trouble.

First of all, you have to find out why and where the leakage is? Here we go for the reasons that can cause draining in your water filter.

  • Because of incorrect installation, your water filters may start leaking.
  • While fixing your filter, you might set it tightly or loosely.
  • O-ring in a filter is important. If you do not fix it properly, it may cause leakage.
  • Suppose you haven’t already installed a whole-house water filter with a specific item or tool. It will not fit correctly and will begin to drain.
  • The leakage can appear in pipes and fittings if the temperature goes freezing or fluctuates. You can fix it by maintaining your water temperature.

How To Stop Water Filter From Leaking (Whole House, RO, Refrigerator & Shower Filters)

Some parts are too important to know:

  • Water filter housing wrench
  • O-ring
  • Pressure gauge
  • Outlet and Inlet
  • Sediment holo carry bag
  • Filter housing

Note: According to your water filter bawl size, these parts are always available with your whole house water filter.

You’ll need the following supplies to fix

 Supplies Pictures
Water filter housing wrench (According to your filter)OJ1YaIX
Teflon tapesJEBSQy
Food-safe silicone greasera7N3f6
New filter cartridges (According to your filter)
New gaskets and O-ringsQ19dDwZ

Steps To Fix Dripping – Whole House Water Filter

This is how to fix a leaking water filter, the steps that can help you stop your filter from leakage. 

Shut Off The Water Supply

Shut-off main valves or bypasses are mainly found in the basement or garage. Bypass allows you only to turn off the water filters and remove the fluoride valve without turning off the whole house water supply.

Check Filter Cartridges

Check the readings on your water filtration system’s pressure gauges for each filter. Above-normal pressure indicates that a cartridge is most likely clogged, so it’s an excellent spot to start looking for leaks.

Relieve The Pressure

Suppose your water filter is leaking from the pressure relief button. Then press the pressure release button present in your canister housing. If there is no canister, use a neighboring faucet sink valve to relieve pressure. You can catch the relieved water in a bucket.

Examine The O-Ring

Whole house water filter leaking from the red button: Water filter o-ring leak is very common in water filters. Examine the O-ring in your water filter. If it is not tightly fixed, too loose, or a large amount of dust or debris is present, or if it broke somehow, replace it. 

Inspect The Water Filter Housings

how do I stop my water filter from leaking? Examine each filter housing carefully. If there is any crack, whether the tiniest or bigger one, replace it immediately. No epoxy or adhesive can fix it. Because it works under high water pressure, always install your filter 10-20 inches away from the wall. 

How To Repair Leakage – Refrigerator Water Filter

A refrigerator water filter is a device that cleans the water dispensed from the fridge. These filters only remove chlorine from water. Like, Samsung refrigerator water filter is widely is also used.

When you use it repeatedly, its tap loses and starts leaking. Here are the ways to fix water dripping from the water filter in the refrigerator.

  • Reinstall the filter if necessary.
  • Remove the filter and check that the O-rings are still in place. If this is the case, re-insert it into your fridge, ensuring it is securely fastened.
  • Always check whether the air vent is obstructed or jammed with dust. If it is stopped, then clean it.

How to fix – Shower Water filters

A complete way to stop dripping from the shower filter:

  • Remove the shower filter and inspect the arm to see if the washer is still inside.
  • If it is, remove it and reseat it inside the shower filter’s connection before carefully hand-tightening the filter back onto the shower arm.
  • Check that the washer is seated flat in the connection and that there are no flaws in the washer’s surface.
  • If it doesn’t work, take the washer out, flip it over, and reseat it.
  • You can also use a plumber’s tape on that connection to prevent minor leaks.
  • Wrap the tape around the shower threads 3-4 times to build up 3-4 layers of tape. Then screw on the shower/shower mount. That should take care of any leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix the Pur water filter leaking from the bottom hole?

  • Take out the showerhead.
  • Open the faucet.
  • Take out the shower ring.
  • Clean the shower ring and replace it if it is broken.
  • Again, fix the faucet.
  • Place the shower ring.
  • Now, check your water purifier will stop leaking.


This article has explained the steps to stop the water filter leaking issues. First of all, try to find out where the draining begins. It would help if you always cared for given supplies with the water filter. If you aren’t confident enough to handle a water filter repair, contact a trained technician.

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