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Pelican PC600 Premium 10 GPM Whole House Carbon Water Filtration System Review

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Why limit yourself to clean water from a single faucet when you may have it all over your house? Don’t you have a right to the same clean water when you shower and wash your clothes? A whole-house carbon filtration system is an answer if your answer is yes. 

Don’t worry if something sounds pricey or difficult. It doesn’t have to be that. Many of them are as inexpensive and simple to install as single-faucet filters, but they provide more protection and convenience. And pelican filters are one of them.

Don’t waste your time or money on outdated or deceptive whole-home water filters. I’ve spent numerous hours researching and speaking with specialists to put together NSF-certified home filtration systems to make a better decision for you.

So, I’m going to talk about the Pelican PC600 Premium 10-GPM Whole House Carbon Water Filtration System in this article. This article is divided as:

  • Pelican PC600 Reviews According To The Customer Report And Research
  • Buyer’s Knowledge About Carbon Filters And Which One Is Suitable For Them

Pelican pc600 Premium 10 GPM Whole House Carbon Water Filtration System

Pelican pc600 Premium 10 GPM Whole House Carbon Water Filtration System
  • Brand: Pelican
  • Colour: Metallic
  • Capacity: 600000 gallons
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item dimensions: L x W x H: 45.7 x 45.7 x 125.7 centimeters
  • Item weight: 21.01 Pounds
  • Maximum flow rate: 10 Gallons Per Minute

Why Not Neglect the Pelican PC600 Premium 10 GPM Whole House Carbon Water Filtration System?

In 2007, Pelican Water Filter was founded in Florida. The company sells pelican water softeners, pelican whole house water filters with UV, RO filters, and shower head filters, among other things. Pelican is likely to feature something a little different than standard filters if you’re looking for something different.  Let’s read Pentair’s whole house water filter reviews.

It doesn’t matter whether the water is chlorinated because it builds the system for filtering tap water (most well waters require different treatments). The PC600 is one of the best whole-house water filters that eliminate disinfectants. It also eliminates other chemical and non-chemical impurities that can cause poor taste and odor and harm your health (think medications). Here are some benefits /facts and points you must check to understand.

  • Pelican water filter is known for its high-quality water filters and softeners.
  • The organization’s technological solutions are cost-effective, ecologically friendly, and effective at eliminating impurities from water.
  • When installing this PC600 Pelican Premium 10 GPM sediment filter system for households with 1-3 bathrooms, you can say goodbye to bottled water.
  • The whole house sediment filter includes a sediment prefilter that prevents sediment and debris as small as 5 microns from reaching your tap, giving you the peace of mind you deserve and more refreshing, better-tasting water.
  • The underlying tank is wrapped in premium stainless steel to ensure long life, durability, and exceptional quality.
  • A maintenance-free system with a 600,000/5-year flow rate GPM capacity that can readily be installed in any home. Each Pelican system is built with just the highest-rated valves and tanks.
  • The Pelican carbon series filter’s preloaded construction makes it easy to install.
  • To help protect your family, the deluxe, high-capacity system filters chlorine. The unit is simple to install and will provide spring-like water through every faucet in your home.
  • The whole house sediment filter tank’s huge diameter carries a lot of water-filtering carbon media, improving overall performance and durability. The replacement cost is a fraction of what equivalent goods cost.
  • When it’s time to replace the pelican shower filter, you have to replace the media inside the tank, which requires no piping and does not require the entire tank to be replaced.

Specification & Features

Here are the specifications of the Pelican water filter system:


The Pelican PC600 whole-house water filter can be used inside and outside the house. You need access to the main water line in your house. There is no need for electricity or a drain because this is not a backwashing system.

Everything comes fully built. The best whole-house water filter tank is already filled with fuel. This, combined with a built-in bypass valve, substantially simplifies the installation process, saving you time and money. Pipes and fittings will still need to be purchased from your local hardware store.

Micron Rating

A Pelican PC600 pelican premium 10 GPM has a 5-micron sediment filter that eliminates suspended particles, while bacteriostatic KFD 55 medium inhibits bacteria and algae growth, ensuring that you’re drinking pure water.

Filtration stages

What is the procedure for the PC600 whole-house water filter? Pelican water shower filter? It employs four filter stages:

  • First stage: To safeguard the rest of the system from dirt and debris, a conventional ten ′′ sediment pre-filter rated at 5 microns removes bigger particulates like sand and silt.
  • Second & third stage: Pelican water systems are two phases(2nd and third stage)of catalytic granular activated carbon made from coconut shells. It’s here that the magic happens. The filter media helps with pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, pharmaceuticals, and hundreds of other toxins that may be present in your water supply, in addition to 96.6 % chlorine removal, which is more about water aesthetics.
  • On the one hand, Catalytic activated carbon is more expensive than “normal” activated carbon. However, it has a larger capability for pollutant reduction across the board, which is a significant advantage.
  • The fourth stage, the 10 GPM sediment filter, works for health reasons; bacteriostatic copper-zinc oxidation media (KDF-55) prevents bacteria and algae growth inside the tank. Chlorine levels are reduced even further, as are some water-soluble heavy metals.


The Pelican water filter PC600 was independently tested and certified for chlorine taste and odor reduction, as well as structural integrity, according to NSF Standard 42.


The Pelican water softener has a vast diameter tank filled with sophisticated granular activated carbon media and can process  600,000 to one million gallons of water.

Great tasting water

The Pelican PC600 offers clean, great-tasting water for a reasonable price. One of our go-to whole-house water filters for city water and basic filtering.


The Pelican PC600 whole-house water filtration system is simple to keep in good working order. All you have to do is replace the sediment pre-filter cartridge every 6 to 9 months, depending on how much water you use and how much sediment is in your water. The cost of a single cartridge is around $20.

The catalytic carbon filter media must be replaced after five years of use or 600,000 gallons of water. You can keep utilizing the tank, which is fantastic news. The most eco-friendly and cost-effective solution (about $200) is simply replacing the media. You can perform it yourself because of the flow system’s architecture.


A limited lifetime warranty covers the tank and all system pieces, which means 12 years. In addition, you get a 90-day money-back guarantee. In other words, if you don’t like the Pelican water softener whole house water filter, you may return it for a full refund. Pelican’s customer service is excellent.

Advantages Of Pelican PC600 Premium 10 gpm

  • The taste and odor of water adorably improved.
  • You have access to clean water throughout your home.
  • Filtration capacity is high.
  • The media tank is composed of stainless steel, a long-lasting material.
  • Installation is suitable for do-it-yourselfers.
  • Low-cost and easy to maintain.
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Customer service is excellent.
  • The static medium inhibits bacterial growth.
  • It is energy-efficient, as it does not waste water and does not require electricity.
  • The flow rate GPM is 10.

Disadvantages Of Pelican PC600 Premium 10 gpm

  • Fittings made of plastic rather than metal
  • Pre-soaking carbon medium might be difficult.

Pelican pc600 Premium 10 GPM Whole House Carbon Water Filtration System

Pelican pc600 Premium 10 GPM Whole House Carbon Water Filtration System
  • Brand: Pelican
  • Colour: Metallic
  • Capacity: 600000 gallons
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item dimensions: L x W x H: 45.7 x 45.7 x 125.7 centimeters
  • Item weight: 21.01 Pounds
  • Maximum flow rate: 10 Gallons Per Minute

For Buyer’s Knowledge: What is a Carbon Water Filter

In water filtration, carbon is a widely used medium. The activated carbon filter is used in almost every water filtration system, including backpacking water filters, refrigerator filters, shower filters, pitcher filters, reverse osmosis water filtration systems, and whole-house filters.

A carbon source is ground up to create an activated carbon filter for water filtration. This carbon source may be Coconut shells, bituminous coal, and peat. Coconut shells are the most widely used renewable carbon source among the options mentioned above.

The gac granular activated carbon material is heated to 1000 degrees without oxygen to make the filter bake off contaminants. To “activate” the carbon, the material is subsequently exposed to 1600°F steam. The steam fills the crevices and pores in the carbon granules, allowing them to store significant amounts of chemicals and pollutants.

Working Of Carbon Water Filter

Activated carbon filters work by adsorbing pollutants. Adsorption occurs when pollutants are drawn to the activated carbon surface and kept there, similar to how a magnet attracts and holds iron filings. The gac granular activated carbon micron rating of the filter impacts flow rates. The micron rating of a carbon filter is determined by how much carbon is squeezed—the finer the filtration and the lower the flow rate, the lower the micron rating.

An activated carbon filter can also affect the chemical makeup of some pollutants by acting as a catalyst. Chlorine, organic compounds like pesticides, THMs like chloroform, and many VOCs found in gasoline, solvents, and industrial cleaners may be removed by a GAC granular activated carbon filter.

Pelican Vs. Aquasana: which one is more suitable?

Aquasana and Pelican are two of the most well-known water filter brands in the United States, and their whole-house water filters are currently among the most popular options on the market. Whole-house water filtration is the greatest option for anyone who wants clean drinking water throughout their home, not only from their faucets.

When comparing Pelican and Aquasana filters, there’s a lot for each manufacturer to brag about – but what distinguishes these whole-house water filtering systems from one another? And how can you figure out which one is best for you? Which is a salt-free water softener? I’ll go over everything you need to know in this comparison review.

  • The Pelican water systems have Catalytic Granular Activated Coconut Carbon Media as standard. Chloramine elimination is possible with this form of activated carbon.
  • The Pelican system or the Aquasana is the best choice if you live in a country with chloramine-treated municipal water.
  • The Pelican stainless steel filter housing can be reused; however, the Aquasana filter must be changed, including the housing and media. Because the Aquasana system is larger, it requires more floor space to install.
  • Both systems use 5-micron sediment prefilters; however, the Aquasana prefilter needs to be replaced more frequently, every three months vs. every six to nine months for the Pelican system.
  • Pelican uses an ANSI-accredited third-party lab, but Aquasana certifies its system directly through NSF International.
  • Although I trust both companies’ assertions, I believe the Pelican lab tests are more authentic than the Aquasana-supplied lab results on its website.
  • Both systems use a KDF-55 filtration medium to remove more contaminants from the water and keep the systems clean of mold and germs.
  • The Pelican system comes with excellent Catalytic Granular Activated Coconut Carbon Media as standard, but the Aquasana Rhino requires an expensive upgrade for chloramine removal.
  • The Pelican water shower filter housing is reusable stainless steel and takes up less space on the floor.
  • Prefilter sediment life is extended in the Pelican system.
  • The Aquasana countertop water filter warranty is only good for six years; the Pelican system has a lifetime limited warranty.
  • The Pelican system flow rate GPM is higher than the Aquasana countertop water filter.
  • The Pelican system is more straightforward to set up and maintain than Aquasana.
  • I have more faith in and trust the Pelican customer support team than Aquasana.


People who had the Pelican PC600 premium 10-GPM installed in their houses observed a significant increase in the quality of their drinking water almost immediately. They adore it since it has a super fresh taste, no chlorine smell, and gives them nicer skin.

Correspondingly, I am convinced. The pricing is reasonable, there are no additional frills, and everything works as described. Metal fittings, in my opinion, would have been preferable. It appears that a few folks experienced leaks in their plastic connections.


What does the 3m aqua-pure whole house water system filter out?

The 3MTM Aqua-PureTM AP900 Series Whole House Filtration Systems line helps to improve all incoming water, resulting in higher-quality drinking water. This whole-house water filter minimizes silt as well as the taste and odor of chlorine. Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) design enables quick and easy cartridge replacement without using a filter wrench.

Do carbon filters terminate bacteria?

Carbon filters do not remove bacteria, calcium, magnesium (hard water), fluorides, nitrates, chlorides, and many other inorganic compounds. Only a particular form of AC can adsorb heavy metals onto it.

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