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What Is a Countertop Water Filter? | List Of 6 Benefits

What is a counter top water filter? list of benefits


Countertop water filter systems are one of the easiest water filter systems available for improved tap water. These filters are trendy due to their affordability and ease of use convenience.

Bad-tasting tap water is the worst thing to endure, and to fix this problem counter water filter is the best solution. Countertop water filters are budget-friendly and won’t cost an arm and leg; plus, they are easy to install and use at home.

What Are Countertop Water Filters?

Countertop water filtration systems are point-of-use water filtration systems. They can be easily installed wherever you want them to be, like in the kitchen, directly attached to the faucet so that you have clean drinking water right in the kitchen.

Some counter water filters are moveable and can be easily carried, unlike faucet water filters, if you want to take them out with you traveling. They are designed to take minimal space and do not require excessive plumbing connections to function. Countertop filters use many filtration mediums, such as ceramic or activated carbon, to eliminate impurities.

How Do Countertop Water Filters Work?

Countertop water filter systems work by a simple mechanism, and they are compact devices with easy installation.

These filter systems contain a  diverter tube attached to a sink faucet that diverts the water from the tap into the filter. The filter is located at the top of the counter near the sink. The filter itself has different cartridges, and the incoming water passes through those cartridges and comes out through the filter’s faucet and back into the sink.

However, every design has its modifications, but the basic mechanism of every countertop drinking water filter remains the same. Some old models don’t have a replaceable cartridge system, and the water doesn’t get diverted. The Big Berkey water system does a marvelous job of filtering large amounts of water.

List Of Top 6 Benefits To Get Countertop Water Filters

There is no better blessing than the convenience of fresh and pure drinking water. Countertop water filtration systems have become very popular because of their easy use and budget-friendly cost. Here are some of the top six reasons for you to get countertop water filters.


When the water reaches our taps, it has already been through a long journey, and it picks up many impurities along the way and tastes unpleasant. The odor of the water is also not pleasing. Many easily distinguish many chemicals in unfiltered tap water, like chlorine and fluoride.
So filtered water provides filtered, safe, and sufficient taste of water


After the discovery that tap water is not a safe choice to drink, people have since been looking for alternatives; the most obvious option is bottled water, but in the long run, it is quite expensive and not even environmentally friendly
investing in countertop water filter systems is economical in the long run and can save a huge amount of money after the investment has been made.


Better-tasting water will increase the body’s hydration and keep pollutants and other harmful chemicals from accumulating in the body. Even if the water in your local area is clean, a countertop drinking water filter can ensure the health of your body.


Unfiltered water can cause long-term effects on the body, especially children, so they need a constant amount of freshwater to maintain hydration. It can only be possible through a counter water filter or any water filter, which can be up to your convenience.


Many water filter systems will have the same benefits as the countertop water filter systems, but not every filter has an easy installment, nor are they travel-friendly.


Countertop water filter systems are not only easy to install, but they are easy to retain. You don’t need to put much effort or crawl through the pipes to fix some problems, and you also don’t need to disrupt your plumbing in any case of problem fixations.

List of best countertop water filters

here is a list of some of the best countertop water filtration systems you can purchase for your home:

  1. AquaTru – Countertop Water Filtration Purification System
  2. Frizzlife WA99 RO Countertop Water Filtration System
  3. Waterdrop N1 Countertop RO Water Filter System
  4. APEC RO-CTOP is the best reverse osmosis water filter
  5. Aquasana AQ-4000W Countertop
  6. imPure Y6 countertop reverse osmosis water filtration

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Types Of Countertop Water Filter

Mainly on availability, types of countertop water filters globally in the market are varied and based on filtration methods & application purposes.

Types Based On Filtration Methods

Countertop drinking water filter is based on different filtration methods. Each method has a different filter, which is mentioned in this article.

Ceramic Filters:

  • Ceramic water filters remove microbiological organisms such as bacteria and viruses
  • ceramic filters have minute pores known as ceramic filter cartridges, which filter out all the sediments, contaminants, and rubble from the water.
  • The ceramic filters are permeated with silver, which acts as a bacteriostatic and prevents algae and other living organisms from outside the filter.
  • Ceramic filters range between $100-$200, so they are economical, environmentally friendly, and considerably cheaper than other filtration systems.
  • This counter water filter can be easily cleaned and restated depending on the consumption of water.
  • Gravity-fed ceramic water filters are easy to operate and do not even require electricity to function.

Carbon Filters:

  • Carbon naturally has detoxifying powers, so the carbon filters make the taste better for drinking.
  • The most common source of bad-tasting water is chlorine and chloramine. Carbon also removes VOCs ( volatile organic compounds) such as herbicides and pesticides.
  • Carbon filters work on the phenomena of adsorption. Organic compounds cling to the surface of these filters because water and contaminants are polar compounds, so they attract each other; hence, this helps in the filtration of water.

Water Filter Distillers:

  • Water distillation is a natural process. A countertop water filter distiller is the best choice if you want mineral-free water with the highest purity.
  • The main purpose of the water distiller is to boil the water and then convert it into steam. The steam is then cooled and condensed, forming a liquid again. Anything that doesn’t turn into steam remains behind, and those are the contaminants and impurities.
  • To distill one gallon of water, it takes a countertop water distiller about 4 to 6 hours. The process is relatively slower than other countertop water filter systems.
  • A water distiller filter removes fluoride, organic compounds, salts, and arsenic compounds like lead and other heavy metals. Viruses are killed during the boiling process as they can not tolerate such high pressures. 
  • Water hardness is also removed during the distillation process.


  • An ultrafiltration water system uses a sheet of hollow fiber, which mechanically filters the tiny sediments and particles from the water.
  • it uses a super fine membrane technology that can filter the particles up to 0.0257microns
  • ultrafiltration system can filter out the smallest particles from the water but cannot separate the dissolved particles like the reverse osmosis water filter system.
  • There are two types of ultrafiltration systems:
  • Point of use: they are mostly used as countertop drinking water systems
  • Point of entry: they are mostly used for applications of water that do not require fine filtration of water, such as washing dishes, etc.

Types Based On Applications: 

There are two types of countertop drinking water filters according to their applications:

Faucet Water Filters:

  • These attach themselves directly to the faucet.
  • They are designed specially to save space and for the quick delivery of water as per demand.
  • These contain filters made of active carbon to eliminate impurities.
  • They are the easiest to install and can only take a couple of minutes.

Water Filter Pitchers:

  • Water filter pitchers can come in many designs and for different uses; some are also known as glass water filter pitchers, and they are widespread and easily affordable.
  • These filter pitchers don’t need to be attached to a faucet and can be kept anywhere.
  • They need constant checking, and maintenance of the filters becomes necessary once a month.

Things To Consider Before Buying Countertop Drinking Water Filters:

Before you pin down which countertop water filter systems are best for you, you need to consider some important factors,

  • SIZE

Examing The Product Design:

While choosing the countertop water filters, you should have some idea about the product design. These water filters need to sit on the countertop, so they should be aesthetically pleasing to look at as well as functioning. There are many designs out there with sleek models and eye-catching designs by different manufacturers that can enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Determining The Intend Of Application

depends upon the use of your countertop water filter systems, for example

  1. SINK-TOP FILTER: sink-type water filters are also known as faucet water filters; they are most commonly used in many households. A diversion is mostly attached to the faucet; the tap water goes into the filter. Sink top filter types of faucet water filters are compact, and they do not take up much space on the sink, so it is easy to manage the dishes while keeping the filter aside. If you live in an apartment or RV, these filters will be ideal for you.
  2. GRAVITY FED FILTERS: these filters are trendy, especially among people who like to travel a lot. These filters contain two chambers. They are compact, portable, and easy to use.
  3. WATER DISTILLERS: these countertop filters give the highest purity, but they are also the most expensive. These water filters are used for medical purposes like CPAP machines, humidifiers, and aquariums. These water filters are recommended for those who require the highest degree of purity in their water.

Considering The Maintenance Of Filter

No matter what kind of filter you have in your home, it always requires some level of maintenance. For example, ceramic filters need regular cleaning so that they do not get bacteria into them, and that’s why they have a longer lifespan than carbon filters. One thing that also dictates the lifespan of your filter is the quality of pre-filtered water; the more contaminants or debris the water has, the most likely it is that the filters might not last longer than they usually do. Constant or daily monitoring of the water filters is necessary for the optimal quality of drinking water.

Evaluating The Cost Over The Time:

When you are buying countertop water filters, it is essential to keep in mind the cost of the filters with the maintenance cost per month. Countertop water filters are one of the most economical water filtration systems available.

Aquasana countertop water filter system costs around $100, and it is also NSF certified. Royal Berkey gravity-fed filter also costs around $305 with $120 as maintenance cost, which is a small investment to make for a lifetime of clean drinking tap water. It is much cheaper than bottled water and also environmentally friendly.


Why Is It Best To Use Countertop Water Filters?

There are many benefits of using a countertop water filter, and it is easy to use and cost-effective compared to bottled water in the long run. Tap water, when filtered, is 1000 times better than bottled water and also healthier. Keeping these facts in mind, the best way to get filtered tap water is to use filters. The most common and popular filters are countertop water filter systems.

Is Countertop Water Filters Good For The Long Term?

Many countertop water filters are good for you in the long run. These filters require a lifetime investment that is for the filter system itself. Then the rest is the cost of maintenance that is needed once in 2 months. The only maintenance that is required is the change of filters when you use the filtration system. Some countertop water filters are portable, and they need less space, so they are very convenient to use.

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